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Going to college will further my knowledge, and to better understand this rapidly growing society and world. The information I will get from college will make me a better knowable person.


Hello I am Alex I have been doing projects over the past three years. I am very educated when it comes to technology and general construction and projects. I am easily to get along with and very energetic I have many thoughts and ideas to better things. I attended Houston high for five years and moved to Greenville close to my graduation. I moved back to Sidney to be with my friends and the job opportunity is better here as well. I have a great eye when it comes to examining objects. I'm very organized and careful with my work.

Work experience

Jan 2005Present

I have done many jobs that gave me flexibility I have done contruction, sales, carpentry, and running of machine and small equitment. I have a great attitude and work ethics.

May 2009Jun 2009


It was my job to make sure the print on the object was exactly correct on the tee-shirt. I have a great eye when it comes to examine objects. I am very picky when it comes to quality.

Dec 2008May 2009

Burr and wash/ Porjects

Numerics Unlimited

I de-burred and washed parts at Numerics as well maintenance. I have introduced Ideas to help the company to better the image and helped in many projects as in painting and moving of areas. I also opperated the fork lift.


Apr 2008Mar 2008


Greenville High

I was involved in many activities so that makes me a team player. I was on honor role and perfect attendance.

Aug 2006May 2007


Upper Valley JVS


I am a determind person I work untill the job is done. I have the pride to get my work done neatly and on time.


Jim Strobel

He has been my grandfather over the course of my life and he has taught me everything I know now.

Wayne Adkins

Chad Inman