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Seasoned IT professional with over 12 years of client facing experience. Equally comfortable in front of the business as well as technical staff.  Vast programming experiences with Java based Web Development with JSP and JSF based front ends.  Additionally, experience with Java based batch file processing on Unix, Linux and Windows based systems. A strong, approachable, mentor to junior associates, taking pride in bringing them up to speed on new technologies and professional programming techniques.


Java Server Faces
Java Server Pages

Work experience

Nov 2008Feb 2009

Senior Consultant II

Cardinal Solutions Group

This role was a consulting role within the Enterprise Java team. Key Contributions:

  • Developed prototype Coding Dojo class to train teams in using agile techniques.  The focus was to bring Test Driven Development and Pair Programming to teams that were novices with the techniques.
  • Delivered basic training on the use of the TestNG framework.  The training focused on the differences between TestNG and the JUnit framework.
Apr 2008Nov 2008

Senior Analyst, Web Development

This role involved leading the redesign of the company’s Intranet using SAP Netweaver Portal.  The Portal team is responsible for the integration of SAP based applications with the Intranet using the Portal.  This role was to bring pure web development experience to a team that has primarily SAP based experience.  As such, I learned about the capabilities, limitations and challenges involved in using the Portal solution and was to recommend approaches that would enable the Portal to deliver a more robust experience than is provided with SAP’s “out of the box” solution.Key Contributions:

  • Analyzed the current Portal solution and determined critical points of performance failures.  Used web networking tools to determine that the Portal was extraordinarily heavy and that the load balancer was preventing compression and localized caching of content.  This resulted in transmission of 4 MB of data versus 700k upon hitting the homepage.  In addition, SAP uses nested tables to perform placement of items on the page.  Recommended fixing the load balancer to compress data, and where possible to override SAPs output and replace the use of nested tables with CSS where possible.
  • Demonstrated the use of simple agile techniques to prioritize work on the Portal redesign project.  Explained the process and compared and contrasted with their internal project methodology which is heavily waterfall based.
  • Upon the discovery that the Portal team lacked source code control, began to evaluate potential solutions.  The team needed a solution that would work not only for SAP but for the team’s responsibilities outside of the SAP landscape.  Therefore a Windows implementation of Subversion won over SAP’s NWDI toolset.
  • Implemented Google Analytics to automate the gathering of user trends on the Portal.  Developed a custom SAP component to house Google Analytics and went through the process of demonstrating its capabilities and moving it to production.
  • Developed custom SAP Knowledge Management tools to access the repository and display data in a lighter fashion when compared to SAP’s HTMLB toolset.  Recommended the use of these custom applications to improve the user experience and produce a look and feel that closely matched the inspiration provided by business sponsors.
  • Developed custom SAP tool to allow the use of XML and XSLT to generate web pages.  SAP provides XSLT functionality, but it requires the bouncing of the server and was not well documented nor supported by SAP.  This tool allowed the team to very quickly load XML and XSLT to the Knowledge Management data store and use it to create highly dynamic pages.
  • Evaluated the use of Struts on a custom project for an HR group that the Portal team would support.  Recommended that the developer take a close look at using Seam/JSF/Facelets or GWT to develop the solution rather than Struts due to the ease of building dynamic AJAX enabled forms in those tools.
  • Mentored an Intern who was unfamiliar with web development, having only worked with Java in his schooling.  Helped him to setup a development environment and assisted him in SAP, Struts and JavaScript development during his time at Scotts.
Apr 1999Apr 2008

Software Developer - Staff

This role is client facing and technical. I enable business customers to interface with an electronic billing product.  I am the technical liaison responsible for educating and assisting the customer through the implementation, while performing technical tasks to integrate the client on the product.  I have been involved with this team for several years, and due to my experience, I am involved with the scoping of new products and pre-sales technical research. Over the past nine years, the technology has evolved from TCL based HTML templates to Model 1 JSP and Servlets, to full billing applications built with JSF and Facelets.  I have been involved with implementing, supporting and migrating over 150 clients during my tenure.Key Contributions:

  • Acted as a Track Lead for invoice presentment in a B2B EBPP site.  I successfully managed two offshore developers and integrated their code into the project, while combating changing requirements and a slow business partner.
  • Architected next generation statement presentment framework.  The system is pluggable, using the template method to allow any developer to quickly implement a client by extending two classes and updating JSF navigation rules.
  • Implemented agile inspired project backlog system to prioritize projects assigned to engineers.  Every two weeks, new projects are assigned off of the backlog for each engineer, providing a guide for each engineer on what should be worked on.  Project management and account management uses the sprint planning every 2 weeks as a guide to setting expectations with their clients.  As a part of this initiative, I produced estimates on upcoming maintenance efforts and assisted on prioritizing work from a technical perspective.
  • Represented client implementations in an ITIL Change Management Rollout.  Mapped current change procedures to equivalent methods in ITIL and the new Remedy change management tool.  Developed task and change templates for use by the team, and acted as point of contact for all issues while using the new system.
  • Rolled out wikis and blogs to the overall client services team.  Implemented TWiki with two webs for each major piece of the business.  Installed and configured Apache Roller to support blogs.  The wikis have evolved into living support documentation, while the blogs on Roller have become a way for individuals to communicate status, throw out ideas for discussion, or talk about a tool or development trick.
  • Designed a next generation electronic statement for a high volume client using ResourceBundles to generate the proper branding depending upon values within the customer’s data stream.  This solution reduced maintenance hours for this client by converting 41 separate applications into two shared applications.  All variations in presentment are driven by the ResourceBundles instead of by application which means the developer would only need to implement a change to a document once instead of 41 times.  In addition, we were able to upgrade the customer to XHTML and offer modern page navigation.
  • Traveled with sales support team to assist with technical discussion prior to start of projects.  Acted as the subject matter expert with the client's IT staff to answer questions on site and help to prepare their staff for the project.
  • Picked up a project for an employee leaving the group two weeks prior to production.  Under tight timelines and the pressure of a high profile client, reengineered the solution to be more efficient and cleaned up the code base to departmental standards.
  • Acted as Java Server Faces mentor on a project to implement electronic billing for a telecommunications client.  Mentored senior staff unfamiliar with Java programming with coding for JSF tables and components.  Assisted in designing the data extraction to optimize managed beans used for statement presentment.
  • Successfully migrated a dozen clients representing over 3 million active customers and 20 million potential customers to new platform. Developed technical plan for migration, and integrated with the high level project plan provided for upper level management.  Executed plan with cross functional team.
  • Designed and implemented test harnesses for statements using JUnit and TestNG to create a simple way for engineers to create repeatable functional tests on statements and HTML.
  • Created and implemented data extraction best practices to provide the ideal balance between performance and maintenance.
  • Designed Java Server Faces based XSLT application to convert XML documentation into HTML.
  • Created data storage forecasting model for upcoming large projects.
  • Developed and executed Y2K test plans.
Jul 1996Apr 1999

Senior Technical Consultant

Complete Business Solutions Inc. (now Covansys)

Worked as a consultant on MIS projects.  Promoted from entry level consultant to Senior Technical Consultant in two years.  Worked on various projects with different skill sets both at the client site and in the local office.  Two years of experience in PeopleSoft and Data Warehousing on an ODS project for a utility company. Key Contributions:

  • Successfully tested and implemented operational data store for accounting department of a utility.
  • Team expert in Prism Warehouse Executive to create data mapping programs.
  • Developed Java based Jolt/Tuxedo program to allow for Lotus Notes and Delphi applications to link into data scrubbing/validation program on warehouse.
  • System administrator of Windows NT 3.51 workstation and servers for credit card call center application.  Used LoadRunner and WinRunner to stress test application and create benchmarks.
  • Managed PCVS version control system for application development
  • Developed and managed backup scheme for production servers.
  • Created C based mapping program for HR database conversion


Jul 2000Jun 2002

Master of Science

Related Courses: Information Systems Planning, Information System Project Management, E-Commerce, Cyber-Law, Organizational Transformation, Staffing the Information System Function

Aug 1992May 1996

Bachelor of Science

Related Courses: Design Methodology, Algorithms, Systems Programming, Operating Systems, Computer Design, Managerial Economics, Competition and Public Policy


Sun Certified Java Programmer 1.4

Sun Microsystems