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Work History


Server/Certified Trainer/Headwait

Outback Steakhouse

I love working at Outback! I serve my customers with a smile and make sure I cater to their personal needs. I treat every guest as if they are a friend. Teamwork in a restaurant is very important to keep up the positive attitudes and helps the restaurant run so much more smoothly. We all have cleaning duties and handle guests' credit cards and cash. I have recently finished my certified training class and I now train new Outbackers! I also have been in the headwait position for about 5 months. I take all the servers', bartenders and to go bags at the end of the night and do the entire restaurant's deposit drop at the end of the night.

Aug 20132014


McAlisters Deli

-running food to customers

-re-filling drinks

-bussing tables

-making sure to go orders are correct

-cleaning duties

-cash register

-taking orders correctly

-great, personable customer service!

Jan 2012Jan 2013

Sales Agent


-Answered all inbound calls with enthusiasm

-Was personable with each and every customer that called in

-Made sure i got to know the customer and what they wanted as well as what they needed for their home

-I sold WildBlue satellite internet from January until July and then moved to DirectStar.

-I made sure I was always coachable and willing to take constructive criticism, there's always room for improvement!

-I conducted credit checks with customers' socials with ease.

-If the customer likes you and feels like you genuinely care about them, they will buy from you 95% of the time!

-Key to sales is listening 

Apr 2011Jan 2012


Cracker Barrel

-I set up the trays that would go out to the customers.

-I ran the food for my customers as well as my fellow servers.

-Team work is a must.

-I made sure all of my customer's drinks were full, they were happy with their meals, and made sure they stayed happy the whole time they were there.

-Cleaning duties: bussed my own tables, swept, mopped, assigned duties to other servers when i was the lead closing server, made sure there was always coffee and tea made.

-Communicated very well with the kitchen staff.

May 2009Apr 2011


Chester Regional Medical Center

-I took vital signs on every patient that was assigned to me.

-Responsible for feeding patients, bathing patients, and making sure their beds were clean.

-Made sure each patient was as comfortable as possible.

-Charted for each patient at the end of each shift and reported to the other CNAs, as well as the doctor on duty.

-Worked well with all hospital staff and practiced great teamwork!

Oct 2004Jul 2008


Starbucks Coffee

-Have great customer service skills!

-Memorized all drink recipes.

-Prepared pastries as well as drinks for each customer.

-Handled cash daily, with a dropbox.

-Worked a cash register.

-Multiple cleaning duties.

-Opened and closed the store.

-Worked as a team with my fellow employees



Sakura Japanese Steakhouse

-Team work is a must.

-I made sure all of my customer's drinks were full, they were happy with their meals, and made sure they stayed happy the whole time they were there.

-Cleaning duties: bus my own tables, sweeping, mopping, make sure there's always coffee and tea ready to go!, stock all in the server room, wash and fold all napkins ourselves.

-Communicated very well with the kitchen staff.

-very fast paced environment!


Jan 2007May 2011

York Technical College

Received over 80 credit hours.

Could graduate with a degree in Health Science.

Aug 2002May 2006

High School Diploma

Lewisville High School


Customer Service