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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Proficient in the use of electronic medical records and meaningful use standards. This  includes 1) documentation of patient office visit 2) reviewing and signing off labs and other tests 3) retrieving consultation notes 4) medication reconciliation 5) establishing and updating problem list 6) E-scribing medications and,  7) printing visit summary.
Minor Surgey and Other Clinic Procedures
Proficient in 1) Suturing of minor wounds 2) Excision and drainage of abscess 3) Removal of ingrown toenail 4) Diagnosis and treatment of corneal abrasion 5) Skin punch biopsy 6) Audiometer exams 7) Administering conscious sedation for endoscopy procedures 8) EKG  interpretation 9) Pap smears 10) Measurement of intra-ocular pressures for glaucoma 11) DOT physicals
Joint Injections using Steroids and Hyaluronic Acid
Proficient in performing 1) Standard palpated-guided steroid injection of knees and shoulders 2) Steroid injection of trochanteric bursa 3) Standard palpated-guided injection of hyaluronic acid in the knee
Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Procedures
Proficient in performing ultrasound-guided arthrocentesis  and steroid injection of knees and shoulders
Emergency Management of Patients
Serve as team leader applying BCLS and ACLS protocol when managing patients experiencing an infusion reaction or other emergency situations.
Nurse Manager
Extremely experienced in managing various mix of nursing staff including nurse practitioners, RNs, LPNs, nursing assistants, lab tech, and x-ray tech. Variety of skills include conflict resolution, staffing, evaluation, interview process, hiring and terminating staff, annual budget, quality assurance, and education and orientation of staff. Leadership role includes motivating staff, providing an environment for growth and development, and developing and promoting innovative techniques and systems to provide efficient, quality patient care. Acted as liaison between nursing and non-nursing departments to promote collaborative patient care. Managed a nursing department in a cost-efficient manner adjusting staff and supplies based on patient census and acuity. Developed and updated policy and procedure, quality assurance, OSHA, and MSDS manuals.

Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Adult Nurse Practitioner

Clinic for Rheumatic Diseases

My current responsibilities include managing the care of rheumatic patients in a rheumatology clinic averaging approximately 17 patients a day. I also make patient referrals, order diagnostic tests, and order DMARDS/Biologics for specific rheumatic diseases. Our clinic acts as an osteoporosis treatment clinic where I assess, diagnose, and treatment this condition. I also coordinate the quality assurance in the clinic, perform chart audits, manage emergency treatment for infusion reactions, and act as sub-investigator for clinical trials.

Dec 1995Apr 2008

Adult Nurse Practitioner

Vaughan Marion Clinic

Major responsibilities included managing health care of acute and chronic patients in a rural health clinic and provided long term care in 3 long term care facilities. Major skills included performing minor surgery, audiometer testing, conscious sedation for endoscopies, and emergency procedures. I saw an average of 20 patients a day. In addition to nurse practitioner duties, I was also the clinic manager which involved staff scheduling and  evaluations, annual budget, quality assurance, and developing and revising policy and procedures.

Jun 1995Dec 1995

Nurse Practitioner in Rheumatology

UAB Hospital

My major responsibilities included managing care of in-patients with rheumatic illnessess in addition to other co-morbidities. I also provided teaching and discharge planning for all in-patients and clinic patients on the rheumatology service.

Sep 1994Jun 1995

Emergency Room RN

DCH Regional Medical Center

Major responsibilities included providing direct care  to patients with acute illnesses, OB/GYN problems, and trauma patients.

Aug 1992Sep 1994

Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

DCH Regional Medical Center

I developed and implemented the first CCRN Review Course, developed and provided numerous critical care CE programs, coordinated a 2-week critical care orientation, developed and implemented first hospital-wide preceptor course, revised and improved the annual credentialing program for staff, and coordinated the opening of a new 4-bed trauma surgical unit.

Sep 1989Aug 1992

Manager of Staff Development and Infection Control

AMI West Alabama Hospital

My major responsibilities and accomplishments included orientation of all nursing staff, established first staff and patient library, developed and implemented first ACLS course, obtained the CE provider status for the hospital through the Alabama Board of Nursing, monitored infections throughout the hospital, developed and implemented the new Blood Borne Pathogen Program for employees, and developed and implemented the OSHA required Exposure Control Plan.

Jan 1988Sep 1989

ICU Coordinator

AMI West Alabama Hospital (Intensive Care Unit)

My major responsibilities included coordinating all unit activities including budget, staffing, quality assurance program, orientation and inservice of staff, annual evaluation, patient care, and maintaining and implementing OSHA and JCAHO recommendations and guidelines.

May 1974Sep 1974

Nursing Assistant

Hale County Hospital

My major responsibilities consisted of nursing assistant duties in a small community hospital.


Sep 1974Jun 1977

Nursing Diploma

Druid City School of Nursing

This school of nursing closed in 1978.


Melissa Harrison

Cindy Lake

Amy Atkins

Leigh Rose


Nov 1995Nov 2015

Adult Nurse Practitioner

Nov 1995Nov 2015

Adult Nurse Practitioner

American Academy of Nurse Practitioner (AANP)
Oct 2013Oct 2015

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

American Heart Association
Mar 2013Mar 2015

Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS)

American Heart Association
Jan 2013Dec 2014

Registered Nurse

Alabama Board of Nursing
Jan 2013Dec 2014

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP)

Alabama Board of Nursing

Continuing Education

Clinical Research Experience

Captone Scholarly Project

Professional Organizations

Nursing Philosophy

My philosophy of nursing is grounded in a framework that incorporates evidence-based knowledge, compassion, individualism, and a fiduciary relationship between the provider and patient, family, and community. Nursing practice is a privilege and responsibility accompanied by a moral and legal accountability  for nursing judgment and subsequent actions. Therefore, I believe it is incumbent upon nurses to maintain competency in addition to personal and professional growth, integrity for self and their patients, a moral compass, and advocate for and protect their patients' health, autonomy, rights, and safety. Nursing is not just about knowledge but the wisdom we gain when we listen. Thus, it is imperative that nurses listen to their patients, families, and communities. I believe it is only when nurses incorporate advanced skills, knowledge, and technology with their patient's experience that quality patient outcomes will result.

Teaching Experiences

Adjunct Graduate Clinical Preceptor

Mississippi University for Women (MUW)

Nurse Practitioner Clinical Preceptor


Adjunct Graduate Clinical Preceptor

University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) School of Nursing

Nurse Practitioner

1996-1999, 2002

Clinical Preceptor

Professional Speaking Experience

Merck Pharmaceutical, Inc.


  • Women's Health Issues         
  • Annual Conference for Nurse Practitioner in Women's Health
  • Osteoporosis: Testing, Diagnosing, and Treatment
  • Congestive Heart Failure: Implications for Long Term Care


Omnicare Home Pharmacy Services of Southern Illinois

  • Osteoporosis: Testing, Diagnosis, and Treatment


  • Falls, Fractures, and    Osteoporsis

Unicare of Birmingham

  • Therapeutic Options in the Management of Osteoporosis

NorthGate Services

  • Osteoporosis: Assessment, Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment

Oakwood Manor Heath Care Center

  • Osteoporosis, Falls, Fractures, and Pain Management

AANP National Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

June 1999

  • Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis , Falls, and Your Health

27th Annual Conference for Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health


  • Osteoporosis: Testing, Diagnosis, and Treatment

DCH Health Systems Organization and Education


  • Osteoporosis: Assessment, Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment


  • Cardiovascular Disease in Women


  • Exploring Alternative Therapies


  • 12-Lead EKG-Beyond the Basics

West Alabama Nurse Practitioner Council


  • Caribbean Cruise: Osteoporosis: Fall and Long Term Care

Alabama Educational Enterprises


  • Introduction to 12-Lead EKG


  • Update on Emergency Care


  • Women's Health Issues


  • Common Emergencies: What Nurses Should Know
  • Emergency Care Review and Update


  • Pain: The 5th Vital Sign


  • Women and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Exploring Alternative Therapies


  • Nutraceuticals and Herbs: The Good, The Bad. and The Ugly


  • Pain Management: Review and Update

Vaughan Regional Medical Center


  • Monitor Tech Course

Honors and Achievements

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

 Inducted April 2014

Outstanding Achievement University of Alabama Alumni Association Scholarship Capstone College of Nursing

 Received April 1992

Graduated Summa Cum Laude BSN Program Capstone College of Nursing

May 1988

Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society

Inducted April 1988

DCH School of Nursing Class President


DCH School of Nursing Honor Society


Veritas Club Scholarship for Nursing Education

Received March 1974