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Time Managment
Time management is a skill I did not necessarily choose to acquire but was forced to maintain my entire life because of my hobby. My entire life I have raced motocross, off road motorcycle racing, which took up a lot of my time. From training, to traveling, I was very pressed for time from a very young age. This jump started my skill to manage my time wisely. Finding time to get everything done as well as race competitively solely relied on my ability to manage my time wisely and achieve things on time and correctly. My years as a college student with a job also obtained my time management. Finding time to complete my school work, meet with groups, keep up on my studying, and hold a management position was tough but helped me acquire a great handle on time management. 
Leadership is a skill I have acquired from both my mother and father watching them in their careers, but holding a management position at my previous two jobs really helped heighten my proficiency with leadership. Being held responsible to make sure things around the store were being completed, and making sure employees were treating customers, as well as one another, appropriately helped me gain a skill in leadership. 
Conflict Managment
Conflict management is a tool I am extremely grateful that I hold. Between working retail, and working in the many groups my major requires I have acquired a very smooth and humble approach of conflict management. Managing two retail stores with a average age of 19 can bring conflict to a head quite often. Many years of resolving this has helped me acquire a great skill of conflict management. Not only my previous management history, but my college career has helped me heighten my conflict management skill. Being a communications major I am constantly working with others and very often working in groups on projects. Making sure every one is getting along and is happy is something I have been adamant about since my childhood which followed me into adulthood. Maintaining everyones happiness and resolving a few arguments between unhappy group members has also been an asset to my conflict management.  
Interpersonal Communication
I will be acquiring a Interpersonal Communication degree in May, 2014 from Southern Illinois University. Throughout my years majoring in communication I have been able to learn from a scholarly point of view in regards to different types of communication. With many years of working and managing a retail store I have acquired an extensive skill of being able to speak to any type of person in any type of situation. While I am very happy I will be receiving a degree, and am ecstatic with the path I decided to go down while in school, I believe nothing teaches you better than experience. Working retail I have encountered every different situation I could ever imagine with people. My background in retail experiences, and my degree in Interpersonal Communication have molded a skill of communication I pride myself on. 


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