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I have worked closely with the medical community, through my studies and previous internships, for the past three years. I am looking for a job that will strengthen my medical communication and allow me to interact with patients of various ages. I hope to be a positive influence on their health perceptions and education. 

Recent Positions

May 2013Present

Communications Intern

DocTalker Family Medicine
  • Specialized in marketing and business promotion
  • Attended business meetings with professionals in the medical field
  • Attended medical housecalls - worked in close proximity with health professionals and patients
  • Learned and communicated about health practices - specifically with the senior population
May 2010Present

Swim Team Head Coach

Dunn Loring Swim Club
  • Experience working with both children (ages 4-18) and adults
  • Head coach of a swim team of more than 300 kids/ boss for 7 assistant coaches
  • Good leadership and companionship skills
  • Able to work well and communicate with children 
  • Focused on healthy lifestyles through exercise and practice 
Oct 2014Present

Membership President

Alpha Phi Omega
  • Kept records of all active and inactive members
  • Kept track of chapter, service, and fellowship attendance 
  • Organized a committee of 15 students to plan membership events under my guidance 
  • Learned preperation, organization and leadership skills 


I would like a company that would allow me:

-Interaction with patients.

-Leadership positions in determining proper health communication practices. 

-Marketing resources to interact with other companies 

- Publication practice for medical tech writing 


Aug 2012Present

Bachelors Degree

James Madison University

James Madison University

                                           800 S. Main Street

                                           Harrisonburg, VA 22807

                                           Major: Writing, Rhetorical and Technical Communications

                                           Minor: Health Communications