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   With this job change it will allow me to continue to help sick people but just be surrounded by a different environment. My goal with this career change is to be able to actually be more hands on with the patients and get to know them, be able to go through what their going through with them and help them along. I love being able to help people, it has always been my lifelong passion ever since I was a little girl. With me being the next respiratory therapist I will not only help the patients physically, but mentally as well. They don't just need a therapist conducting orders at them, they need a companion who will be there every step of the way. With me, it not only is an order... it's a promise. 


May 2009May 2011

Masters Degree 

Hawkeye community college 

You can either work in intensive or the critical care units. Patients will need help with an outstanding amount of breathing problems, lung diseases, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, and e.t.c.  Your job is to measure the patient's lung capacity, and assist them with rehabilitative exercises and so on.   

Throughout these years, there are many certifications that are able to be earned. The more education and classes you take, the more opportunity you have to make a higher salary for yourself. Take advantage of the opportunities you are able to access, so later down in this career path you are available to more oppurtunities within the field. 

Nurse anesthesiology  

Aug 2000Aug 2005

Masters degree  

Marshalltown medical and surgical center 

If somebody were needing anesthetics before a surgery I would help the actual doctor get the supplies ready along with the patient just so the doctor can do their job and have the surgery begin as soon as possible. It can be a lot of pressure at times, but you have to remain calm and reassure the patient as to what is going to happen during the surgery basically until the point they actually go under.  


Born August 15, 1999 

16 years of age 

Excellent health condition 

Good moral character 

Personable with positive attitude  

Involved with the community  

Good communication and demonstration skills 

Language is mainly English