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Aug 2011Present

Bachelors of Science

The Citadel

Inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma International Honors Society Spring 2012.

May 2009Apr 2011

Associate of Arts

Trident Technical College
Jul 1999Dec 2002

Associate of Applied Sciences

Community College of Rhode Island

Work experience

Aug 2005Present

Systems Analyst

Scientific Research Corporation

As a System Analyst supporting Space and Naval Weapons Center Atlantic (SSCLANT) for US Marine Corps (USMC) Enterprise – Land Mobile Radio System (E-LMR) managed a project to complete installations of Emergency Response Systems (ERS) on base for USMC.  E-LMR/ERS is a non-tactical emergency management radio network incorporating a commercial vendor system to support first responder communications and dispatch center operations.

  • Survey existing systems at USMC installations to develop as-is conditions report for recommendation of common next-generation solution for all locations. Defined stake holders and discovered numerous lapses in maintenance required by owners which were essential to welfare of communications systems.
  • Manage sub-contractor support for construction of communication shelter and tower installations for new/re-fabricated systems and implement radio systems to the network. Coordinated effort to include multiple government agencies required to assist at different levels of effort and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of systems.
  • Develop and maintain program documentation for government sponsor. Maintain all project resources and provide reports to sponsor and customer.
As Training Team Leader supporting SSCLANT for USMC Tactical Network Gateway (TDN), created lesson plans and visual aids for training and formally presented to operators of the system. TDN is a data routing system which augments existing USMC communications infrastructure to provide the commander with an integrated data network, forming the communications backbone for tactical and non-tactical messaging system.

  • Developed testing scenarios for students to ensure total course data retention. Completed instruction for 15 marines with 100% pass rate.

As Radio Service Technician supporting SSCLANT for US Dept. of State (DoS) Iraq radio systems which provided operational and emergency communication personnel working in DoS areas country-wide. With thousands of personnel in Iraq, an inventory of handheld, mobile, and base-station radio systems required daily updates.

  • Enhanced customer service model and database tracking of assets; re-organized entire equipment inventory throughout country. Created an inventory control system that allowed weekly inputs to be made by on-site custodians which could be seamlessly integrated with main inventory.
  • Routine maintenance of systems in various sites throughout country required traveling via contractor security or US Army helicopter transportation. Provided support for all systems 24 hours, seven days a week while in country for seven months.

As Field Service Engineer supporting SSCLANT for US Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine Common Submarine Radio Room (CSRR), performed post-installation verification testing for entire system and performed on-site deficiency repairs. CSRR is a custom, multi-vendor communication suite which replaced a two-decade old system. The main components of CSRR included: Cisco routing and switching infrastructure, integrated IP-based multi-band digital radios, in-line encryptions, and various legacy systems and equipment.

  • Complete system knowledge of radio room required due to limited amount of personnel assigned to task. Tasked with verifying all CSRR installs located in Bremerton, WA and King’s Bay, GA. Systems included training simulators at communications schools which required additional research and implementation to provide near actual scenarios for communication specialists in training.
  • Implemented configuration changes to systems and provided detailed documentation to design and engineering authority; detailed knowledge of system and component schematics and configuration parameters required to perform duties and document changes required.
Aug 2002Aug 2005

Computer Technician

Anteon Corporation (Purchased by General Dynamics 2006)

Computer Technician  Newport, RI

  • As Computer Technician supporting Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, RI designed and implemented network upgrades for the US Navy Fast Attack Submarine Radio Room Advanced Digital Network System (ADNS). Incorporated Cisco routing architecture with integrated satellite communication systems allowing data access across four levels of classification to the submarine’s officers and crew. 

  • As only Cisco Certified technician tasked to program, performed evaluation and development of configurations, troubleshoot and conduct in-field installation testing, and provide end-user training for new systems as a lone member of the program. Provided documentation of procedures, testing, reports and operator manuals.
Aug 1992Aug 2002

Electronic Technician 1st Class

United States Navy

US Naval War College Newport, RI

  • Achieved rank of Petty Officer 1st Class. Senior Network Administrator of a classified computer system to provide simulated war games for senior officers of US and foreign military and senior US officials and dignitaries. War gamers participating would utilize new systems and applications for collaboration and command in anticipation of future conflicts.
  • Supervised at least four personnel and provided training to inter- and intra-department personnel.

US Pacific Fleet

  • Electronic Technician specializing in air-search radar, naval messaging and network systems, cryptographic, satellite, and Surface Rescue Swimmer aboard USS O’Brien (DD-975) Yokusaka, Japan and USS California (CGN-36) Bremerton, WA.
  • Two Arabian Gulf deployment tours and one South America Anti-Drug Operations tour.


Began learning to speak Spanish in 2006. Complete four semesters of beginning and intermediate Spanish at Trident Technical College as part of liberal arts requirement for four-year degree. Improving level of speaking, reading, and writing by participating in clubs, watching Spanish-speaking television channels, and reading Spanish written websites.
Docmentation and reporting
All work experience required various forms of written and/or visual communication to be documented for historical, presentation, or supervisory purposes.   Expert in document creation utilizing Microsoft Suite of Office Products to include: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook (version 2010 and previous) Visio (version 2007 and previous) Project (version 2003 and previous) Written documentation for nearly 100% of all cases completed in Word and many project requirement matrices completed in Excel.
Cisco Internetworking
Formerly Certified Cisco Network Associate with experience developing, testing, and maintaining large inter-connected IP-based systems with multicast routing, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Open Shortest Path (OSPF), and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) configurations.   All systems military grade with empahsis on security and used with any combination of the following:  - In-line IP encryption  - Serial-based WAN encryption  - Satellite modem communication  - Multiplexed signals utilizing equipment such as Promina 800


May 2010Present

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Top Secret-cleared specialist with overtwenty years of working in diverse technological areas: US Navy and Marine Corps communications, submarine IP network architecture, US Security Radio Network in Baghdad. Level of knowledge and background is routinely sought after for contract vehicles such as submarine radio room field engineering, US Marine Corps command vehicle design, and Training Team Member.

Top Secret