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Initial Goals

  • Get accepted into The University of Alabama's Dietetics Coordinated Program 
  • Graduate with a degree in Nutrition and a concentration in Dietetics
  • Become a registered dietitian 


  • Member of Alpha Chi Omega

Community Service

  • Kentuck Festival: Fall 2010- Volunteered as an artistic assistant at a children's portrait booth
  • Walk a Mile In Her Shoes- Volunteered to raise awareness for domestic violence by hosting an event at Alpha Chi Omega 

Recognitions Received

  • Invited to join Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Society
  • Presidents List Spring 2010 

Long-term Goals

  • Gain experience as a clinical dietitian 
  • Continue my education by working towards receiving a graduate degree in counseling 
  • Become a counselor for people suffering from eating disorders

Work Philosophy

When it comes to completing a task, I am a perfectionist. I believe in working hard to successfully complete a task on the first attempt. However, I am willing to keep working on something until it is done correctly. 


Through my leadership role in Alpha Chi Omega, I was responsible for maintaining information for over 1600 potential new members during recruitment. I also separated and filed hundreds of recommendations submitted by alumni across the nation. My organizational skills enabled me to successfully complete my job. 
I believe that in any profession it is crucial to maintain positive relationships with people around me. I enjoy working with others in order to reach a common goal. Recently I worked with over one hundred other women to host a philanthropy event that raised awareness for domestic violence. Working with others requires patience, trust, and a positive attitude. I possess all of these qualities and enjoy the challenges that come with teamwork. 
In 2009-2010 I was the Collegiate Recruitment Information Chair for my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. I was also appointed to be the Vice President of the Collegiate Recruitment Information Board. As a member of this board I resolved conflicts involving potential new members. I was also given the opportunity to lead the house in selecting our new members for our 2010 pledge class.