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Expertise in Marketing and Communications for International brands based in France.

Work experience

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Mission: Establish and implement the marketing strategy for France and Export. Manage all the marketing mix components.

·Optimizing existing product range and launching of numerous products

·Devising and setting up market measurement tools (Nielsen, ad hoc researches,)

·Developing international communication strategy - 45 MF marketing budget -

·Building and managing a team of 6.

Travel bags sales doubled over 4 years, hard-side luggage market share stabilized within a market that had turned very competitive.

Oct 1997Feb 2009

Marketing Director

                                            Marketing & Communications Director

Mission:Accelerate brand development, rejuvenate and boost brand reputation in France and abroad

  • Repositioning the brand and redefining the communication strategy
  • Building coherence within advertising campaigns and the graphic chart on worldwide scale
  • Devising, launching and expanding the Internet activity (corporate website, e-commerce and online display)
  • Hiring, building and managing a team of 7
  • Controlling and spending a 20 M€ marketing and communication budget.

Brand awareness doubled over 4 years, revenue multiplied by 5 over 10 years.

Aug 1985Aug 1988

Group Manager

MBK - Motobécane

Group Manager, bicycles

Mission: Define and enforce strategy for France and international markets for bicycles branded MBK and MOTOBECANE, revenue 300 MF, 40% export.

  • Launching of innovative and image-carrier products under the MBK brand
  • Devising a new advertising campaign and sponsorship of sports events
  • Controlling and spending a 12MF budget
  • Managing a team of 4.

Rejuvenation and revitalization of the MBK brand which became leader on the BMX and the ATB markets.   

Mar 1984Jul 1985

Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Manager, garden furniture Mission: Redefine strategy for garden furniture on the French market - Revenue 115 MF -
  • Repositioning product ranges according to distribution channels
  • Optimizing a 7 MF marketing and communication budget.

+30% increase over one year in hypermarkets and local authorities.

Jan 1979Jan 1984

Product Manager


Product Manager, diversification products

Mission: Develop and launch diversification lines other than men's underwear.

  • Launching of new product lines: pajamas and leisurewear.
  • Devising new advertising and promotional campaigns - 5 MF Budget -.

Outside underwear Revenue multiplied by 2.5 over 2 years.




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