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Shannon Code is a software developer / tester/ security researcher with a design background. I specialize in the creation of Rich Web Applications with a focus on intuitive user experience. I am currently working with companies to expand their web application experience. I utilize frameworks for the ui (JS,CSS,Html5) and service oriented architecture (REST) to connect multiple data sources, resulting in browser agnostic, standards compliant, reusable components. Shannon's experience as a business owner has provided insight into the struggles and pitfalls of software development from multiple angles. In his spare time, Shannon enjoys dabbling in Augmented Reality, Software automation, Computer Vision & Mobile development.

I am very interested in working with agile teams as I see great results in this collaborative atmosphere. I have a passion for learning and expanding my skills. I am inspired by emerging technologies, specifically crypto currency, wearables, virtual reality, computer brain interfacing. 

While I consider myself a generalist and largely language indipendant, at the end of the day I'm a developer who loves testing and automation.

P.S. I did change my name when I got married to Shannon Null Code. #AlwaysBeTesting

Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Tester / Security Consultant


I handle all things security related for Mastercoin including the triage and prioritizing of security related issues in everything Mastercoin related. I also consult on the development effort (specifically things related to continuous integration / deployment and automated) I have automated much of the process of security issue management. 

The Mastercoin team is pretty agile and diverse team . We all work on testing, documentation and development of features. 

Jun 2011Jun 2014

Software Tester

42 Lines

I worked with a team of 5 Testers on an agile team. I help to create acceptance tests that helps define when features are complete and ready for release, as well as . I also performed manual testing against these acceptance tests after the features have been developed. In parallel I wrote test automation using Java, JUnit & Webdriver / Selenium 2, often times extending and enhancing Webdriver to suit our needs.

Mar 2013Apr 2014


Prototypic Inc

Prototypic was founded to be the umbrella under which I did prototyping contracts under. 

Recent contracts include a Pebble app, an iOS/Android Cryptocoin Wallet and a Wearable Proximity Detector. I have enjoyed working with bleeding edge technologies both software and hardware related. I have plans to continue developing software with Wearables, VR, Augmented Reality and Crypto Currencies for many years to come. 

May 2013Jan 2014

Security Tester

N2Net Security

My contract with N2Net was an extremely rewarding experience. For many years I have been a security hobbyist. At N2Net I was able to penetration test a few different hardware devices, a .Net hotel management system, a security panel, multiple IP Cameras. I also did black box and source code audits on Android and iOS applications for fortune 500 companies. The testing of the mobile applications was the very interesting as it helped round out my understanding of the security model for mobile devices and understanding their inherent weaknesses.

Mar 2013Sep 2013

Senior Mobile Developer


My contract at Tagaboom was a great example of working with the bleeding edge of software, I developed a rich UI application for deployment on Windows RT using REST endpoints, XAML, dynamic screen resize and other adaptive responsive design principles. I primarily used C# 5.0 with Python / Mongo backend.

Feb 2012Mar 2013

Software Developer

Mobile Labs

My time at Mobile Labs was been spent working on an automation framework that can through the use of common interfaces be used to view iOS and Android phones remotely, query for a list of objects & properties on the current view, and use the discovered objects to write automation. The devices can be local, or housed in a data-center. I have specifically worked on automating the android platform using ADB, as well as creating a custom VNC viewer with features specific to mobile devices. Technologies used include Mono, C#, MVC, Knockout, Bootstrap, NuGet. ADB In a Hybrid environment running both Visual Studio and Eclipse. Most code is tested on each level from the unit up to the end to end integration level.

Dec 2010Aug 2011

Software Developer

OnPoint On Demand

In this contract position I work with a small team consisting of 2 other developers in an agile environment. We are creating an API for the web-2-print industry to be used by another product being developed in parallel by our client.

Since this is my first development work on a project lacking a graphical user interface, I have had the opportunity to expand my use of Unit and Acceptance tests throughout the cycle of this project. I was also able to expand my understanding of some technologies new to me. Notably Inversion Of Control tool: Castle Windsor, Mocking library: Rhino Mocks, Message Bus framework: Rhino ESB, FitNesse and NUnit

This contract consists of 12 2-week sprints, heavy use of both unit tests and acceptance tests using FitNesse, Team City continuous integration and Mercurial version control. I've been able to witness first hand how this configuration enables a tight feedback loop, constantly delivering value.

Apr 2010Oct 2010

Software Developer

Surge LLC

While with Surge LLC I helped to create an online university management system. This system managed the students, teachers, hours, attendance, financial aid, credits and more. This system was accessible to administration only, but interacted with students via text messaging and email.

Using .NET MVC2 , SVN and Continuous Integration we were able to rapidly develop and deploy this application to our testing environment for client approval and feedback on a weekly basis.

The application relied heavily on AJAX and Rich JavaScript elements to ensure an intuitive user experience.

Other technologies used heavily in this application were the jQuery JavaScript framework, and LINQ2SQL.

All development was done using Visual Studio 2010.

Jun 2009Mar 2010

Software Developer / Support

/n software

I helped maintain the .NET codebase of our SOA engine RSSBus. RSSBus is a service aggregator and service layer scripting engine. Services many types can be consumed, flattened into RSS and used as inputs to other service operations supported by the RSSBus engine. I was in charge of creating new operations, handing all service requests from our clients, giving live demonstrations of the product to potential customers and creating examples that were showcase on the website.

An example of a demo I created using RSSBus was a newsletter Web Part that would take your outlook address books, your SharePoint address book, your Sales Force address book and send out newsletters to each of the users. Old newsletters were stored and could be used as templates for future newsletters. All links tracked click thru's via a tracking url pre-pended to all links contained within the newsletter.

Demos can be seen here:

Aug 2008Mar 2009

Software Developer

Moveable Cubicle (M3)

I was contracted to maintain their Legacy .NET backend Intranet. Other tasks included collaboration with team in India to create marketing materials, handle newsletter template and graphic creation. VOIP setup and deployment using

While with M3 I also converted their static website to a Dot Net Nuke template driven website that allowed the department heads to modify the content of the site as necessary.

Jan 2007Mar 2007

Online Advertising Consultant

Daniel Kovach Scholarship Foundation

I launched multiple marketing campaigns aimed at generating entries and judges for various scholarship contests. The resulting campaigns drove thousands of qualified students to apply for the scholarships and generated much attention in the blogging community. (The results were staggering, achieving rankings for the keyword "College Scholarships" across the first 100+ results)


Internet Engineer / Graphic Designer

Gamepal INC.

Developed the company's affiliate program and backend fraud screening system using the existing company order database and php/mysql to add a risk factor to every incoming order.


Pay Per Click Advertising Project Lead

Websourced/Keyword Ranking

I helped found the ppc advertising department for this large search marketing firm.I was in charge of accounts that had as many as 200,000 search terms, and well over $50,000 monthly spend.

Places I live online


I have been using C# since early 2006. I initially focused on Windows Form Applications, later using the Windows C# for everything from Web Services, , front facing sites, to LINQ.
Java / Android
Most recently I have worked with ADB and java / c# to automate many tasks with a bank of devices as well as developing applications for an android device. My use of Java in a large suite of web-ui automation tests has provided me with a rich understand of java both in theory and practice.
Early in my career I was exposed to the pay per click revolution, Since that time I have become quite familiar with Search Engine Optimization techniques and how search engines work in general. I really try to focus on properly formatted HTML, with emphasis on the proper headings, and well written copy. In my experience ranking on the first page of Google is all about having a unique product and explaining in such a way that the engine knows what you have, Follow the rules and you will be rewarded.
CS4 / CS5
I have experience with the entire Adobe Suite of products, whether creating illustrations with illustrator, page layouts with indesign, or creating mockups, and slicing html with photoshop I have done it. I do not currently use dreamweaver for my development but used it extensively in the past.
SVN Version Control / Git Version Control
I have used SVN for version control for the past 5 years for personal and professional projects
My first dynamic language was PHP. After becoming frustrated with the static nature of standard HTML I discovered PHP, this was a very refreshing language as it gave me the ability to handle form posts, make decisions server side what to render (based on get or post variables) and it could handle database connectivity. More recently I have applied my .NET and OOP knowledge to PHP 5, resulting in a quick understanding of everything PHP 5 has to offer.
jQuery / Javascript
Most of my development focus has been on Web related projects, Nearly every web based project I have had has required some form of JavaScript or another, I prefer jQuery as it brings me the most feature rich set of helpers, and I am immediately familiar with it's capabilities. Whether it's implementing a javascript driven UI, or creating a custom function to check all check boxes on the screen, jQuery is my first choice. I have had experience with nearly every feature jQuery has to offer, from simple AJAX requests, to creating a custom plugin.
Experience using LINQ (2SQL, 2Objects, Entity Framework) in MVC2 and Silverlight.