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Work experience


DevOps Engineer 4


Maintained the infrastructure of a distributed, real-time monitoring service used throughout Rackspace and by external customers at scale.

Significantly re-architected the configuration management system(Chef + Ansible) used to more closely follow upstream best practices and collaborate on common functionality.

Participated in 24/7 oncall rotation, wrote runbook documentation and code to automate solutions for recurring issues.

Handled regular maintenance, patching and service upgrades in-place without customer impact.

Contributor/co-maintainer of multiple Chef community cookbooks (nodejs, statsd, hostname, golang).


Software Development Manager


Managed a team of DevOps Engineers supporting multiple products with diverse hosting requirements and architecture design. Team merged during an internal reorganization.

Led cross-team projects to standardize deployment, CI/CD infrastructure, and tooling across disparate development teams.


Infrastructure Engineer


Supported a large Node. js installation backed by Riak and running on SmartOS Zones(container analogue).

Used custom tools and Chef extensively to support a global network of near real-time voice, image and text communication amongst millions of mobile and web consumers.

Built an on-premise appliance of our application stack running on CentOS to support enterprise customers.


Site Reliability Engineer

Mozilla Corporation

Part of the team providing first tier oncall support.

Handled support issues for end-users, contributors and employees relying on Mozilla's public infrastructure. Built out new servers and pushed configuration changes through Puppet.

Administered Mozilla's mailing list service and maintained a small python patchset on top of Mailman.


System Administrator

Concentric Sky, Inc

Managed a hosting architecture for clients comprised of Debian, Nginx and uWSGI, running Django webapps fronted by Memcached and backed by PostgreSQL.


Linux System Administrator Intern


Worked with the Internal Storage and Backup team.


Google Summer of Code student

One Laptop Per Child

Interned on the OLPC Security team and helped audit the Rainbow security system from design spec.

Work involved producing small Python patches to resolve build and commit errors commonly found in a young, turbulent codebase.

Became a co-founding member of the community“ Support Gang” and admin of the OLPC web forum to provide a distributed customer support service to novice users.


Community System Administrator, Evangelist

Open Source Lab

Installed and managed servers using CFEngine to support the internal needs for dozens of Open Source projects.

Served as a public face to student Open Source development, by providing interviews and conference presentations on behalf of the Lab.


Network Security Student

Oregon State University

Analyzed application, host and netflow logs to diagnose network issues and resolve external abuse reports.

Developed script to backup the configuration of all the managed switches and routers enterprise-wide, written in Expect/TCL.


Network Technician 1

Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Deployed and managed Avaya network monitor console, managed firmware upgrades and configuration deployment for ~400 switches and routers across dozens of locations.

Led org-wide network equipment auditing project.



Oregon State University

studied Computer Science


Chemeketa Community College

studied Network Technology