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Project management
When I was supervisor our company purchased new chrgers, inverters and battery banks. I had to apply for working window, number of grades to work with and time it will take. Certain wiring changes had to be calculated and modifies to protect battery banks from being under charged, which will make it last sfor a short time during power failure. If charged too muchthe batteries would be cooked and explode.
Decision making and be responsible for the decision
As a troubleshooting technician one has to decide which fault to fix first depending of impact it will have on train service. As a supervisor of thecnicians one has to decide whether the technicians on duty must bypass certain circuits in the best interest of trai service at the same time not compromising intergrity of sfaety of signaling system. Aall faults are discused with topm managements the following day.
Heat absorption
Not all problems or faults can be solved at expected time frame. Our department's internal customers are train control officers at centralized traffic control office. When a fault is taking too long, complains went straight to my office. When heat come from top management for something like working too much over time I had to absorb the heat instead of letting the heat reach lower employees. My job was to try to meet objectives while explaining very clearly to management why things are happening the way they are. 
As a lecturer communication is in number one skill. As a senior technician with 6 engineering technicians reporting to me I was able to communicate downwards escalating instructions from my manager. I also communicated sideways with my coleegue who was also a senior technician with 2 technicians reporting under him. I also communicated upward to my manager about issues I had to resolve from grades grades lower that the technicians. I also started using long standing notice boards to past updatedinformation in order to prevent hearsay culcure.


Music notation grade 2 and piano classes

Work experience

Nov 2009Present

Training centre manager


I was headhunted back to Metrorail to afford SAQA accreditation for new training centre and to present senior signaling training for technicians.

Apr 2007Oct 2009

Training consultant

Transnet school of rail

Ansys Company designed new equipment that used RFID to scan passing trains and load data to Transnet customer care network. I consulted the manufacturer and designed a complete training programe with lesson plan, course structure, theoretical and practical assessments. I mentored other trainers to present this course and other senior courses I was presenting.

Jun 2004Mar 2007

Transnet school of rail

I aligned electrical courses with SAQA approved unit standards. I developed Lesson plans. I designed assessment instruments and then presented the electronic/electrical/mechanical signaling courses to technikon diploma students who had completed S4 electrical engineering and had to do a 12 months practical training on different equipment and systems as stipulated on technikon logbook. I also trained learnerships electrical principles course which is a pre requisite for railway signaling in order to qualify towards signals technical worker grade. I was part of a team that was developing training manuals with guidelines from NQF policies.

Jul 2001May 2004

Senior engineering technician


I supervised technicians who were responsible for maintenance and trouble shooting. I was on standby after hours to assist the technician with faults and spares to minimize service disruption and downtime. I did my own project of modifying new electronic chargers and inverters to charge battery banks at correct amperage to perfom as a UPS and power back up during power failure. I commissioned new electrical equipment installed by sub contractors to ensure it meets chief signals engineer specifications. I did NOSA internal audits for our depot to locate and correct safety findings before actual NOSA inspection.

Jul 1995Jun 2001

Engineering technician


I worked a 3 man shift repairing electrical and electronic signaling equipment used to control and detect trains. I also tested and joined electrical copper cables. When dayshift I supervised maintenance team working on railway stations I was responsible for. I walked the stations doing visual inspection checking potential failure and completing NOSA inspection task sheet. I controlled a sub store making sure I keep stock levels to provide night shift technicians when there is a need consumables and spares. I was trained as a depot first aider and fire fighting fighter.

Jul 1993Jun 1994

Trainee technician


I worked for 12 months doing on-the-job practical training towards the diploma after doing electrical engineering theory S2 for a national diploma in electrical engineering. I tested and repaired digital and analogue electrical/electronic equipment down to component level using schematic diagrams.


Jan 2008Apr 2008


Assessment college

Legislation and regulations relating to moderation


Assessment and moderation system

Moderation process

Moderation techniques and instruments

Moderation in learnerships and quality system

Aug 2006Oct 2006



Legislative impact on training

Planning a learning event

Preparing a learning event

Designing and supporting outcome based training

Delivering outcome based training

Evaluating a learning event

Evaluate own performance

Preparing a candidate for assessment

Facilitating collection of evidence

Skills development administration

Mar 2006May 2006



Design outcome based assessment

Develop assessment activities

Develop assessment guides

Evaluate assessment design and guide

Conduct outcome based assessment

Prepare for assessment

Conduct assessment

Provide feedback on assessment

Review assessment

Feb 2000May 2000


Durban university of technology

Organization structure

Processes and productivity

Customer satisfaction


Market orientation

Supervisory roles

Functions and processes

Interpersonal skills development

Jan 1992Jun 1995

National diploma

Mangosuthu university of technology

Electrical engineering

Electronics application

Digital systems

Process instrumentation

Radio engineering