Anton Doos


  • Programming (Microsoft contest winner)
  • Chess
  • Traveling (volunteered with Shuar Indians in the Amazon for 5 months / traveled in USA, Europe / lived in China for two years / cycled from China to Cambodia


23 year old dual US / Swiss citizen. Fluent in English, basic in German, Spanish, and Chinese.  Highly passionate, creative, and structured.  Willing to travel or relocate.

Work experience

Work experience

Founder of E-Commerce Website

Get Lapel Pins

From a brainstorm, research & development , logistics, marketing, website, to satisfied customer sales in the US Virgin Islands.

Founder of Boutique

SoME! Boutique

Founded, operated, and sold for excellent profit over a four month period on the busiest shopping street in city of 6 million.

Founder of Design Firm

Doos Designs
  • Freelance graphic design with big business clients.
  • Partnership and outsourcing agreements with other design firms.  
  • Proficient in every facet of industry.


Forex Trend Following System
  • Developed and implemented technical trading system more than 1 year.
  • Extensive knowledge of technical theory offers objective viewpoint
  • Vigorous recording & reviewing of trades creates successful feedback system
  • Investor backed

System Specifics:

  • Time Frames - Daily  / 1hr / 15min
  • Market Time - All Day, normally London open
  • Market Type - Majors (EUR / USD / GBP / JPY)

Trading plan available on side of page

Dec 2009 - Present

Professor of English

Mass Media University

Curriculum development and classroom lessons.