Mike Gibson



192 Boulton Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M4M 2J9


Email:[email protected]

Targeting Middle management role in:


An organized professional offering a 20-year career repeatedly chronicled by a host of meritorious promotions.History of introducing strategically engineered operations and systems, programs, and services that have increased productivity and reduced costs.

Fast-tracked promotions in earlier career as an Industrial Engineer to Production Management. Organizing operational and system support teams. Planned projects and directing systems and procedures. Analyzing and evaluating team and individual performances, business solutions and profit and loss implications. Computer familiarity includes Word, Excel, ACCPAC, EDI and in-house programs. A respected team leader who is driven to attain results.


 Leadership & Management

·Operations Management & Cost Controls

·Team-Building & Leadership


·System Requirements

·Inventory Control

·Logistics & Import/Export Operations

·Budget Development & Administration

·Problem Identification & Troubleshooting

·Diplomatic Complaint Resolution

Industry Expertise

·Corporate Policy Planning

·Industrial Engineering

·Effective Negotiations Skills

·Inventory Control & Replenishment

·Planning of all Operational Areas

·Ability to work on Multiple Projects Simultaneously

·Workplace Violence Recognition


Business and Operational growth

·Administered and managed day to day operations of a manufacturing company

·Produced weekly production and shipping schedules

·Controlled, catalogued and monitored the inventory of raw materials

·Estimated, planned and documented requirements for future inventory commitments

·Directed, investigated and examined all methods, systems and procedures throughout  offices, manufacturing and distribution centers

·Introduced and managed a just in time inventory system

·Planned, created and produced a procedures manual that contained factory drawings for lighting, electrical, mechanical and overhead equipment for relocating the company

·Oversaw complete construction of new offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities and directed and controlled the positioning of all equipment

 ·Combined and integrated overlapping systems throughout the company and eliminated procedures that proved to be inefficient and non productive

·Implemented and administered the Health and Safety committee, kept monthly reports and corrected any non compliance situation

·Coordinated, introduced and monitored a shipping and delivery schedule with freight companies

·Directed the activities of 6 heads of departments

·Supplied resourceful leadership, planning and management to a variety of projects


Leons Painting Inc2006-2008

Painter and plastering

Braemore Neckwear,Toronto

1993 – 2006

Production /Logistics and Distributions Manager

Organized, planned, directed and controlled all day to day operations of a Manufacturing and Distribution centre; established, maintained and monitored departmental budgets; implemented, installed and managed cost saving programs; devised and executed daily production schedules; directed the activities of 6 heads of departments; supplied resourceful leadership, planning and management to a variety of projects; developed and maintained just in time methods of production; maintained low but adequate levels of in house inventory; evaluated performances, utilized time and project management

Exclusively Yours, Toronto

1990 - 1993

Contractor Liaison

Controlled and monitored the manufacturer of ladies wear at the contractor’s premises. Implemented quality control system to ensure good met with customer’s standards. Arranges shipping to customers warehouse.

Great Sewing Exchange, Toronto

1985 – 1990

Industrial Engineer

Headed the department of 3 employees directing and producing time and method studies with the objective of increasing productivity and reducing costs. Responsible for producing accurate bills of materials for sales department.

The Monaco Group (Alfred Sung), Toronto

1983 – 1985

Industrial Engineer

Began as Industrial Engineer and later became Contractor Liaison for the manufacture of ladies sweaters. Responsible for arranging that the contractor produced goods in a timely fashion. Responsible for maintaining the contractors met our quality standards. Responsible for the ordering of raw materials.

National Knitting Mills, Toronto

1981 – 1983

Industrial Engineer

Headed the Engineering Department with an agenda of introducing and maintaining a piece work system. Developed and acquired negotiating skills through bargaining with a unionized workforce.


Leicester Polytechnic England

Completed select coursework toward Certificate and Diploma in Knitwear and Textile Technology.

Work experience

Work experience

Production / Logistics / Distibutions manager

Braemore Neckwear