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Work experience

Feb 2006Sep 2007


InfoEngineering doo

CTO, Chief Software Architect and Developer

Oct 2001Jan 2006

Support Engineer

EUnet doo

Technical support for Windows/Linux communication issues for both residential and corporate users.

May 2001Sep 2001

System Administrator

GTLNet doo



Version Control Software
Currently I'm using Git for most of my projects and Subversion on some. I have been using Subversion and CVS in the past.
Web Servers
I have experience is setting up and monitoring Apache and NGINX web servers, which I had to set up myself manually for some of my websites with higher traffic, namely
Microsoft Windows
Used Microsoft Windows since version 3.11. Although I switched to Linux as main operating system in 2006, I still use Windows for testing and Q&A of my applications.
Linux user since 2002. In 2006 I switched to using Linux exclusively on my desktop, and using Windows only for testing purposes. I have a day-to-day experience with Slackware and CentOS. I used Debian, Ubuntu and Mandriva often, and also have some experiences with other distributions like Fedora, SuSE and Mepis Linux.   I have experience with command line tools for both system administration and configuration.
Other DBMS products
Besides Firebird and MySQL which I use daily, I have had experience with Informix and Microsoft SQL Server.
Other scripting languages
Besides PHP and Javascript, I also have some experience with Bash, Perl and Python scripting languages, as well as GNU command line tools like awk and sed.
Built various intranet and Internet websites using JavaScript as client-size technology. Beside manual javascripting, I'm also using jQuery. One example of jQuery usage are all the interactive games on my website   In may 2012. I started to use Node.js and related technology (, express,...) to build multiplayer social games. I have always been interested into gaming and databases, and multiplayer social games is the field I most enjoy working in.  
Used MySQL as a backend for various websites. Most prominent example is, which has about 15.000 visits per day, having about 20 million of records in one of the tables, with about 120k records inserted daily. Experienced in tuning MySQL to work in environment with limited CPU and RAM resources.  
Firebird DMBS
Using Firebird (an open-source InterBase successor) since it's first version. Lead developer of the official administration tool FlameRobin.   Using the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, created the FirebirdFAQ website, which has been promptly promoted to be the official FAQ website for Firebird DMBS.
Experienced with both PHP 4 and PHP 5 using structural and object-oriented approach. Have experience with CodeIgniter and Yii frameworks. Developed varios ERP systems for intranet usage having about 1.5 million lines of PHP code in total. Also developed a few public-facing websites including:   FirebirdFAQ - the official FAQ for Firebird DBMS   Slagalica - online quiz website, having over 15k visitors per day, visits peak at 50k/day during winter  
Experienced with GNU C++, Borland C++, Microsoft Visual Studio compilers. Developed various open-source programs using C++ including games, desktop applications and database administration tools.   FlameRobin - open source administration tool for Firebird DBMS   Njam - clone of pacman game   Attic Manager - home inventory software   XML Wizard - tool to import and compare data from XML, CSV and text files to Firebird DBMS   Other open-source games I wrote in C++:


Born in 1977. Married with two children. Living and working in Subotica, Serbia.


Make a dent in the universe


I like sports: basketball, volleyball, swimming, running and I like to play pool (8-ball in particular). I also like to read books, mostly fiction.