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Work experience

Google/MCIT Mobile Developer Launchpad program

Aug 2015Present


Android Development

Innovety,  Intel (Ideation program)

Feb 2015Feb 2015


Jul 2014Present


Java Developer

Telecom Egypt

Jun 2013Jul 2013


Information technology departement

Mar 2013Present


Information Security Researcher

Projects I participated in

Academic Projects:

  • Question Bank and Quiz System (Desktop Application)

– Core Developer.

  • Database for Hospital Management System

– Database Designer.

  • Hiding text in image Application and restoring it using key (Desktop Application)

– MATLAP Developer.

  • IT Courses Management website for teachers to add courses tutorials, videos, and assignments – Project manager.
  • Designers Studio website

– JSP/Servlet Developer

  • Interactive Application for Kids Learning using Laser Pointer and webcam

_ OpenCV Developer

  • Interactive Application for Kids Learning using Letters Cubes and webcam

_ OpenCV Developer


Hotspot as a Service


Ordering food and drinks in restaurants using smart phones

ILC Reminder

Desktop Application for IBM Managers and Employees


Android app for smart phones where students can register their courses, review their timetable, transcript and send emails to students affairs in the faculty, in addition to making surveys this app will be in the store soon

JMSE, Joint Master in Software Engineering project

project for European union to build a database for a hospital, I participated in this project as a member in Helwan university team with another 5 teams all over the region under supervision of Three European Universities this project mainly gave me experience how to be part of Webinars, use virtual team tools, and virtual diagramming tools then begin working under the different * My team achieved the highest score

Technical Knowledge

Database MAnagement System
Oracle SQL
Database Management System
Simulation Tool / Image Processing Tool
Open CV
Image/Video Processing Library
web application development language
C/C++ Programming Language
Programming Language
Web Applications Development Language
Java Programming Language
Web/Mobile/Desktop Applications Development Language
Mobile Application Development Language

Theoretical Knowledge

  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Object Orientation Concepts
  • Database Concepts and Programming
  • Network Concepts
  • Project Management

Personal Skills

  • Hard worker
  • Team worker
  • Self-Learner
  • Adaptable
  • Helpful
  • Cooperative
  • Leader
  • Good decision maker
  • Motivator
  • Optimistic
  • Good time manager

Communication Skills

My Communication skills gained through my experience as a software engineering department representative from 2012 and teaching C/C++ programming languages in my faculty


Conferences and Events I Attended

  • Discovery camp for Windows Phone 7 Apps development in British University in Egypt.
  • Blackberry Jam 10 Launch Event in Information Technology Institute.
  • Windows Azure Launch Event in Information Technology Institute.
  • Design and Photoshop Basics Training in Cairo
  • 1st Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering in Smart Village Conference Center (AMECSE 2014)


Helwan University

Superiority award

Student Union - FCIH

Certificate of Appreciation

Social work

Innovate Egypt

Oct 2014Present

4th Place winner

Hack4mobile Hackathon

Interested In

  • New Technology News
  • Interactive Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Smart Phones Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Companies Strategies
  • Companies Management
  • Problem Solving



Dr. Mohammed Belal (Faculty of computers and information Dean) E-mail: [email protected]


Dr. Mahmoud Abd El latif (The Head of Software Engineering department in Faculty of computers and information) Email: ..........


Dr. Mustafa Sami (The Head of Computer Science department in Faculty of computers and information) E-mail: [email protected]


Dr. Osama Emam (The Head of Information System department in Faculty of computers and information) Email: [email protected]


Dr. Ayman Ezzat (The Head of Human Computer Interaction Lab in Faculty of computers and information) E-mail: [email protected]


Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa (The Head of InfoSec Lab in Faculty of computers and information) E-mail: [email protected]