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Software Engineer who is determined and persistent with the ability to get results, complement with IT, sales knowledge and experience from working with SME & Startups. Delivers results with foresight on projects that provides value to the company and customers.   Leadership and communication skills developed and demonstrated through academic club, interest groups, non-profit organisations. Motivated individual keen to obtain employment in a result based environment.

Work experience


Full Stack Developer

Mircrosec Pte Ltd

MicroSec is a startup working in the domain of IoT security backed by British based VC firm Entrepreneur First. MicroSec is revolutionizing security for IoT and will help to build Singapore the world's first Secured Smart Nation. MicroSec is building World's first Enterprise-Grade Security Software for IoT and Sensor Network. Our team comprise of Researchers and Cryptographers.

1) Building the IoT dashboard to visualise data or manage IoT devices and related services
2) Building minimum viable product for MicroSec's potential clients
3) Building public, internal & external RESTful APIs for consumption for clients, developers or IoT devices using tools like Postman & Swagger Editor for OpenAPI Specification
4) Front-end & Backend integration of our products or services using Django, Flask, Angular, Kong, Docker, Nginx, PostgreSQL & Gitlab
5) Searches for talents that could help to scale MicroSec
6) Writing technical documentation of our products or services.
7) Taking on roles & responsibilities surrounding the growth of MicroSec
8) Working as a team to create, maintain and manage MicroSec's product or service offering.


Instructor for Code In Community Initiative

Satuarday Kids

Code in the Community will target children, aged eight to 15, from such households. The 10-week course - to be conducted by 21C Girls and Saturday Kids once a week on a weekend - will take place twice a year. More details will be announced at a later date.



Startup Pitch Facilitator


Startup-O is a Singapore-based venture builder that aims to connect startups to seed funding through the fund and get them in touch with a network of investors and market experts. It puts businesses through a 10-week process that involves a detailed look into their business, advice, and evaluation. Startups can participate in the program online from any location across Southeast Asia.


Growth Partner

StartupHax Pte Ltd

At StartupHax, i'm involved as the community manager of StartupHax Co-working Space to implement events or workshop for the co-working space. I'm also  involved with Startup founders and SMEs by analysing and strategizing their idea or problems faced by them from themselves or their customers. I provide counsel for Startup founders or SMEs so that we could  conceptualise their ideas, by implementing it into a prototype called the "Minimal Viable Product" (MVP).

  • Analysing & strategizing with Startups  & SMEs to offer counsel in producing a minimal viable product from their ideas.
  • Community manager to implement technology events or workshop for the co-working space.
  • Training people who does not know programming to use Python and python related technologies by forming a learning circle called  "Python Youth" a meetup group. 

Business Development Consultant

ProQod Pte Ltd

A cloud service provider that automates administrative processes, allowing lecturers to focus on delivering high quality learning experiences to students.

  • Seek out new clients for existing application of the organisation’s goods
    and services
  • Present the company’s products or services to potential clients that
    includes bidding and securing of government contracts.
  • Increasing sales performance outside of current revenue streams.
  • Manage and maintain high customer satisfaction levels
  • Identify and meet potential customers
  • Ensure the company meets revenue and profit goals
  • Maximize referral potentials
  • Creation of software requirements and architecture for software projects
  • Design, develop and implement of software using the software development lifecycle
  • Maintenance of the organisation’s existing software
  • Creation and test cases of software to assure software quality
  • Deployment of the software to the user environment

Curriculum Development Specialist

Smart Nation Coding Academy

Smart Nation Coding Academy (SNCA) is a subsidiary and an ICT Training arm of BTW Technology Pte Ltd. Providing K-12 education and manpower development is SNCA’s mission of striving towards building a skilful community living in a Smart Nation.

  • Software development using Selenium to develop solutions for both the company and their customers
  • Business development to increase the sales revenue stream for the company
  • Providing in house IT support
  • Creation of coding programming courses for primary and secondary schools
  • Chief trainer


Content Marketing

Creation of newsletters, technical articles, video, content planning. Publishing content in his own blog or technical or startup communities like Dev community.

Website Development

Codeigniter, Django, Flask, HTML, JavaScript, CSS 3, CSS Grid, React, Redux, React Native, Angular 6, Styled Components, JWT, RESTful API, GatsbyJS, Netlify, GraphQL, Postman, OpenAPI


Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google BigTable, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

Programming Languages

Java, Visual Basic, PHP, Python, C, C#, Git, JavaScript (TypeScript, ES6)


Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, Android Studio, Slack, GitHub, Jupyter Notebook, Figma, Contentful



React Nanodegree


React is a powerful JavaScript library ideal for building interactive, data-driven user interfaces, and it’s used by some of the most successful brands in the world, including Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and more.

The goal of this program is to equip you with the skills and experience you'll need to become a professional React developer. We designed the curriculum to ensure that graduates emerge well-prepared to take advantage of dramatically increasing demand for developers with React skills.


Bachelor of Science, Computing Science

University of Glasgow

Computing Science is the study of information, computation and computational thinking. It is wide-ranging, from programming, programming languages and engineering large software systems, to the design and evaluation of human/computer interfaces, algorithms, computer and network systems, as well as information retrieval and storage systems.


Diploma in Engineering Informatics

Nanyang Polytechnic

Engineering Informatics is an engineering discipline combining information technology (IT) – or informatics – with engineering concepts; It is an interdisciplinary scientific area focusing on the application of advanced computing, information and communication technologies to engineering; The study of use of information and the design of information structures that facilitate the practice of engineering and of designed artifacts that embody and embed information technology and science to achieve social, economic and environmental goals. 


Nitec in Info-Communication Technology

ITE College East

Acquire knowledge and skills which are highly relevant to the industry

  • Maintain end-user computer systems and devices.
  • Support office network and devices.
  • Support network server and services.
  • Support application maintenance and deployment.

Core Competencies

  • Technical Training
  • Maximizer
  • Responsibility
  • Focus
  • Ideation
  • Achiever
  • Business Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership
  • Team work
  • Self Education
  • Analyze
  • Synthase 
  • Innovate
  • Stratgise
  • Initiate Change
  • Implement
  • Improvise

Hobbies & Interest

  • Completed Standard Chartered Marathon 2013
  • Reading – Reading of non-fiction books to nurture and constantly grow as an individual. In terms of mindset, skills to deliver value to the marketplace
  • Listening to a podcast or audio programs – To cultivate the mindset and sharpening of skills to deliver value to the marketplace.
  • Watching technical video - To continuously learn about web development technologies and the latest trend that is affecting the industry
  • Blogging - Blog about the experience that I had as a developer from going to meetups, listening to podcast, reading books, watching tutorials, meeting and interacting with exciting people.
  • Attending Events - Going for startup or technology related events that allow me to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and industry.

Interest Groups & Non-Profit Organisations


Organizing Community Member

Junior Developer SIngapore

Are you a Junior Developer or newbie in the Tech industry? Do you sometimes feel anxious about work or question your own abilities? Are you excited to be starting your career and want to celebrate your accomplishments with others? You are not alone!

With this Meetup group we hope to create a home for all things JuniorDev.

We will be hosting a bi-monthly get-together known as the JuniorDev Social. Here we socialise and connect with our fellow Juniors to swap stories and share wins or disastrous fails (yup, those are normal) all while enjoying some food and drink provided by our generous sponsors.

In the months that we're not socialising we'll be coding! Every alternate month will see the JuniorDev Hack Night. Bring your laptops, questions and be ready to work on side hustles, tutorials, walkthroughs... or whatevs - we'll have mentors on hand to help out.


Community Manager

Python Asia

This is an Python group where students or recent graduates from ITE, JC, Poly and University or people who's new to Python to learn Python programming for Data Analytics, Web Development, Data Science, UX, Machine Learning, Game, STEM Education, Robotics or IoT.


Director of Technology


EDGE stands for Empower, Develop and Groom Entrepreneurs. We are the National Youth Entrepreneurship Community and conglomerate of student representatives from all Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) who are keenly involved in the entrepreneurial scene. Launched in March 2016, EDGE aims to rally the schools together to promote youth entrepreneurship and empower aspiring young entrepreneurs on a national level through knowledge-sharing events. Supported by ACE and SPRING Singapore.


Ordinary Committee Member

Python User Group Singapore

Python User Group (PUGS) was originally established as a legal entity for the purpose of running PyCon Asia-Pacific. PUGS was registered on 9 June 2009, with the Registry of Societies, Ministry of Home Affairs, Republic of Singapore; and gazette on 10 June 2009 vide Notification Number 1733.

To date, PUGS had organized 3 PyCon-APAC (2010 -- 2012) and 4 PyCon SG (2013 -- 2016) conferences.


Year Awards/Achievement

Mentoring Junior Developers

Involved as a mentor to provide mentorship to junior developers in the pilot programme for Junior Developer Singapore chapter.

Chairman for PyCon Singapore 2019

Was appointed as the chairman for PyCon Singapore 2019 as part of the organising community.


Started Personal Blog

I started to write tutorials & technical articles on topics in Web Development, Python & Startup. I was approached by Tech In Asia staff to republish an article that I wrote previously as a community article.

Personal blog

Dev Community -

Tech In Asia -


First Place as Team Botler In MIT Hacking Medicine 2017

MIT Hacking Medicine is a group founded at MIT in 2011, comprising of MIT students and community members, aimed at energizing the healthcare community and accelerating medical innovation. We accomplish this by carrying out health hackathons, design thinking workshops, and networking gatherings to teach healthcare entrepreneurship. The group has organized to date more than 150 events across 15 countries and 5 continents. Over 40 companies have been created, raising over $150M in venture funding.

e27 News article


Conference Speaker in Python Conference Singapore 2016

Raspberry Pi is a credit card size, a low-cost computer that could be used to build things ranging from supercomputers to game consoles and robots. In this tutorial, we will learn how to program a smart remote control for a robot. This is great for educators who would like to include robotics and computer programming into their curriculum.

Python Robotics For Education