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Work experience


Regional Operations Manager

Rocket Learning, Inc.
  • Voted “South Region Employee of the Year”
  • Coordinated orientations and conducted training sessions within company budget
  • Assisted in launches of Memphis and Atlanta offices 
  • Produced the highest regional gross profit margin
  • Received quarterly Operations and Program Management Reviews scoring a 92% or above every single quarter
  • Independently interviewed, hired/trained all employees while simultaneously running operations and handling client affairs
  • Utilized SharePoint collaboration platform to electronically track documents and share paperwork across several offices
  • Out-produced 60+ other companies to become one of the top 5 largest providers and presented the “Rookie Provider of the Year Award” by the Metropolitan Nashville Public School System
  • Held a 94% student retention rate, while company average was 76%
  • Solely managed over 40 employees across 7 facilities
  • Created an organizational system to streamline new hire paperwork
  • Established working relationships with several industry vendors


Director of PR & Office Manager – Contract Position

boomYEAH, Inc.
  • Authored press releases, blog entries, executive summaries, biweekly eNewsletters and headed a new social networking initiative
  • Responsible for interviewing business owners, formulating feature stories and promoting our services through email marketing/database management
  • Aided the startup company in creating vendor accounts
  • Pitched and headed several published internet marketing and public relations projects

  • Spearheaded internal communications, including company-wide memos and newsletters
  • Amplified company exposure by over 40% through search engine optimization campaigns, implementation of innovative print strategies and ad variations to improve existing Google Analytics, AdWords and PPC campaigns


District Operations Manager

Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
  • Coordinated with warehouse and corporate to meet company goals
  • Worked independently without supervision from my home office
  • Oversaw 4 offices across the district, including recruiting, training, developing and maintaining 100+ employees in the dietary, housekeeping and maintenance departments
  • Fine-tuned knowledge of all Microsoft applications and gained familiarity with Ceridian payroll system and QuickBooks accounting
  • Calculated and managed supply budgets, streamlined policies and procedures and analyzed profit/loss statements
  • Obtained 2 new facilities due to client relationships across 4 sites and was consistently asked to travel to accounts in other districts to smooth over client complaints
  • Organized, executed and audited payrolls exceeding $500,000 utilizing the Ceridian Payroll Processing System
  • Achieved performance bonuses for safety, exceeding projections/sales objectives under budget, maintaining inventory control and reducing operating costs by over 35%


Sep 2002Apr 2005

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Flagler College

Included in the Chancellor’s List, Alpha Chi Honor Society, President’s List and National Dean’s List, along with graduating cum laude

Resume & Portfolio


Gregory Tucker

“Max has been in invaluable asset to our organization and anyone who is fortunate to have him on their team will be rewarded with creative thinking, hard work, determination and a vast skill set. 

Simply put, Max has an unyielding passion to not only make himself and his company successful, but others around him as well. He ties our team together in a way this company has never seen before.”

Brennan McKee

“Max is a true professional who can relate to any client in a way nobody else on our team can. It’s been a pleasure working alongside of him and his positive energy is going to be well missed.”

Megan Burner

“Max has been an invaluable resource to me in my developing career. He has shown me how to navigate around a business in ways I could have never imagined. Tasks that would normally look extremely dense and time-consuming were easily managed with unique skills and witty tricks he has taught me.

Whether it was “live” online document editing with Google Docs, keyboard shortcuts or just old fashioned creative thinking, I have Max to thank for the priceless wisdom he has bestowed upon me.”

Phyllis Dyer

“It has been a great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Rocket Learning.  Rocket Learning has been a Supplemental Education Services (SES) partner in our district for two years.  During this time, I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Mr. Jason Green and Mr. Max Nunn.  Both of these individuals have shown a commitment to partnering with our school district to impact student achievement.  I am very impressed with their professionalism, timeliness in submitting paperwork and required documents and their ability to collaborate with schools to deliver quality programs of instruction for the children in Metro Nashville Public Schools. 

Additionally, they have both always been very quick to act on the feedback that comes from the district, so as to improve the services that they offer to the students.  I have received numerous compliments from SES Coordinators at schools were Rocket has served.  Our district is grateful for the work Rocket has done, and hopefully we can continue to have a relationship with them in the future.”

Michael Choi

 “…boomYEAH is astonished by Max’s aptitude to interface and establish strong relationships with our clients, become a master of SEO/ SEM and provide stellar journalistic implementations.  

As the Public Relations Director with boomYEAH, Max has proven that he can not only carry the PR load, but also oversee our Internet Marketing Department.  

“Max is a hardworking, dedicated person who knows how to plan ahead and organize his time and tasks effectively.  We value Max Nunn as a key asset to the accomplishments and success of our company.”

Renae Taylor

“Max is a very knowledgeable resource within his region and the company.  With each project we worked on, his attention to detail and hands-on approach has shown what a great asset he is.”

Ai-Ling Malone

“I had the pleasure of working with Max while I was the Operations Manager for the southern territory for Rocket Learning.  In my position I was responsible for overseeing state and district compliance, payroll, invoicing, procurement, etc across 12 districts spanning 5 states.  Given the complexity of managing various district requirements, training new staff and dealing with unexpected challenges, Nashville was one of the districts that I never had to worry about because of Max's dedication and commitment to excellence.  

In order for my operations staff to operate optimally, we were very dependent on program managers such as Max to have a very close attention to detail given the amount of documents required for payroll and invoicing.  Max developed an effective system to ensure that all of his staff’s paperwork was compliant and that critical invoicing documents, such as progress reports and monthly attendance sheets were always turned in on time.

Additionally, Max was able to identify office support that matched his level of dedication and quality and establish important relationships.  In order to understand Nashville’s specific rules and regulations, Max played an invaluable role in developing a solid relationship with key district personnel that I was able to leverage in getting a thorough understanding of their process and procedures.  When mistakes happened, his positive relationship helped us to quickly rectify situations that could have gone differently.  

Max singlehandedly ran the Nashville office with very limited support and resources compared with some of our other more established offices.  The work that Max was tasked with was far from easy.  He had to be versatile in dealing with a range of responsibilities from enrolling students to setting up programs and more. Max was always willing to go above and beyond.  He had even spent a night or two at the office and went to other districts like Memphis and Atlanta to lend a helping hand. 

Max undoubtedly played a critical role in the start-up of our Nashville operation.  My responsibilities additionally included creating and analyzing the program data to ensure that we were tracking towards our targets.  Max consistently rated amongst the top on all significant measures ranging from staff compliance to program profitability by managing key metrics and ratios.  He also stood out from his peers.

One time in particular comes to mind when I assigned the team some Excel homework to ensure their understanding of my Excel training.  Because Max valued his professional growth and development and despite having a lot on his plate, he made time to complete the assignment and was the first one to submit it ahead of the deadline.  Additionally, he was only 1 of the 2 people that even bothered to complete it out of a team of 10. 

Lastly, I must add that throughout my academic and professional career, starting at UC Berkeley (student organizations and class projects), working as a consultant (working on multiple projects across the US), receiving my MBA from Harvard (collaborating on community service projects and academic assignments) and working in several different offices at Rocket Learning, I have been privileged to work with a large number of people from across the United States and the world; Max undoubtedly ranks in the top 10% of the people who I have truly felt honored to have on my team.  Anyone would be lucky to have the privilege to work with Max.”


Scheduling & Payroll
Public Relations
Social Networking
Budget Analysis
Interviewing, Hiring & Training Staff
Microsoft Applications
Email Marketing
Database Management


Mountain biking, traveling, surfing, reading, guitar, songwriting, astronomy and art history