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5 years of experience in .NET programming. I’m specialized in Microsoft Technologies and products. Wanting to become a software architect, I’m always up to date on the latest release of Microsoft products and technologies.

ALT.NET Montreal

Founder of the community

  • Organize Coding Dojos
  • Organize Open Space Technology meetings
  • Prepare and present subjects of interest
  • Moderate and answer question when necessary


Team System
Manage Team Projects Create builds Create and customize work items
SharePoint Server 2007

Work experience

Junior .NET Programmer

  • Building a website that allows keeping the inventory of the department up to date.
  • Design, conception and development of the inventory website
  • Optimize the department intranet
Jul 2007Sep 2009

.NET Solution Consultant

  • Design and develop new features on existing software
  • Create SQL script for data importation
  • Develop solutions for our clients
  • Create and configure virtual machines for team of developers
  • Automates configuration of servers and virtual machines
  • Development of Commerce Server 2007 solutions
  • Installation, configuration and custom development on SharePoint 2007
  • Research and present new products/technology
  • Automate deployment of solutions
  • Development of a SharePoint product to help accelerate development
  • Automated the deployment of BizTalk 2009 solutions
Oct 2006Jul 2007

.NET Programmer

CCDI Canada

  • Help develop, maintain our current e-commerce website as well as develop, maintain, test new functionalities.
  • Maintain front and back end of our multilingual websites. 
  • Develop new interfaces.
  • Implement new functionality.
  • Make SQL scripts for demo and production environment
  • Help support managers from Italy and France.
  • Help during the design process to bring ideas
Aug 2006Oct 2006

.NET Programmer

Vivendi Universal
  • Help maintain and develop our current systems as well as create and maintain new systems.
  • Create and integrate the interface of the order manager software.
  • Development of interfaces from specifications
  • Development of business work flows on states of orders from specifications.
  • Make and manage roles for the application.
  • Implement a DAL (Genom-e)
  • Writing process for release in demo and production (with Cruise Control.NET)
  • Install a continuous integration process (Cruise Control .NET)
Sep 2005Aug 2006

Junior .NET Programmer

Tel-Synergy Networks

  • Help maintain and develop our current systems as well as create and maintain new systems.
  • Maintain current billing system
  • Design, conception, develop, implement a custom telemarketing solution
  • Develop a automatic billing process
  • Improved our process of sending invoices by 20%
  • Installation and maintain an intranet (Rainbow)
  • Design, conception, construction of an online invoice system for our customers that reduced the costs of the company as well as usage of customer service.
Sep 2004Sep 2005

Customer Service Agent

  • Help customer connect to the internet
  • Resolve billing issues
  • Participated in the building of a web interface mash-up that unified our different interfaces 




MCTS : .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications