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Tibiscus Timisoara

Liceul Tehnic "Ion Mincu"

Scoala Generala Nr. 24

Work experience

May 2014Present

Development Consultant

SAP Romania

Building robust frontend applications with html5, css and javascript.
Currently working with Backbone, handlebars, jQuery and React. 

It's a car pooling web application. 

My role was to implement the required features, write tests etc. 

Also new features were not supported by our original architecture so improving the architecture was also required. 

I'm also tasked with building a version for a small screen ( phone ). My job is to design it and build it. 

And another requirement is to use existing code as much as possible.

Tests are written in jasmine.


Also building IOS apps with swift.


Small scripts in python for data processing using pandas as the main library.


Also building UI5 apps, SAP's javascript framework.

Oct 2012May 2014

Full stack developer


Design and build full stack applications with ExtJs on the frontend and
ServiceStack on the backend.

I've worked on an application that manages courses, led by professional trainers. 

The application was decoupled, on the frontend we had ExtJs, and on the backend ServiceStack was powering the HTTP API.

My role was as a full stack developer, I designed everything, from the database to the browser app.

Jul 2010Jul 2012



Design and build applications with ASP.NET.
Provide technical support to customers.

I've worked on a couple of things here, one of them was integration with our billing application and WebSite Panel.

Another application i build was a distributed monitoring tool, it could by installed via a windows installer. It's job was to monitor our clients endpoints, http, smtp, imap, ping etc. It was build with ASP.NET and the different components communicated via Web Services. 


Deep understanding of the HTTP Protocol. Built a working client from scratch.
Highly skilled at front-end engineering with deep knowledge of Javascript, various libraries and micro frameworks (jQuery, Backbone, React).
Deep knowledge of how html and css get handled by the browser. Parsing markup to produce the DOM,
Render tree, layout of render tree and finally, paint.
Browser Layout Performance
With deep knowledge of browser inner working, I've gained insights on how to make the browser a near native experience. I've learned what are it's strengths and weaknesses. And how to think about the DOM.
Able to use basic and advanced features of git.

Able to read, write and understand C# code


Enough knowledge to be able to build a well performing  Data Model.

Able to write basic code. Understand the driving principles behind the language, strive for simplicity.
Machine Learning

Have a basic grasp on what ML does, built a Logistic Regression from scratch in Javascript.


Able to read-ish and write-ish some haskell


  • Sports enthusiast 
  • Lover of good food