Work experience

Work experience

LifeLine Ambulance

2002 - Present


Helps ambulance company owners grow their companies by advising them on contract negotiation, marketing strategy, and billing-system implementation.

Maxim Gorin’s Career Path Highlights Service to Others

Maxim Gorin co-founded LifeLine Ambulance in 2002, the same year he received his licensure as an emergency medical technician. With an extensive background in business and a history of service in several consumer-centered financial advisory firms, he began the company with a staff of six and a complement of just two emergency vehicles. Today, the LifeLine team Maxim Gorin built serves several major counties in Southern California. The company employs 300 staff members and runs a fleet of more than 100 ambulances in service to its community.

In high school, Maxim Gorin studied finance and business. He majored in economic studies at Los Angeles Valley College and continued in the same field at Pikes Peak Community College during the years he was stationed at the Fort Carson Army base in Colorado.

His background in the corporate world includes service as a financial advisor with Primerica, where he worked with consumers to educate them about best practices in personal money management. Maxim Gorin also worked with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company after a networking meeting with a senior partner led to a recruitment invitation. At MassMutual, he used his skills to help a small ambulance company establish an employee insurance system. He also helped families with young children open college savings plans.

These and similar professional experiences deepened Maxim Gorin’s dedication to helping others improve their lives. Recruited for a stockbroker position with Washington Mutual’s Beverly Hills office, he participated in a final interview on September 11, 2001. After learning of the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center that day, he realized that his priority from then on would be to help his community in the field of health care. Maxim Gorin enrolled in EMT courses, then co-founded LifeLine with family members in April of 2002.

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