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15 years in Web app development, entrepreneur and a product manager at: (film production management SaaS), Qippo (big data in consumer products), Onsite (website builder SaaS), smaller projects including e-commerce stores (, intranet apps for corporations, consultant in dozens of projects.

Passionate about modern technologies, Agile methodology and Lean approach. Good leadership and presentation skills.

Work experience


Digital Agency Contractor


Small and mid-sized projects for Toyota, Lexus, Rennessans bank, Forlax, Kixx, Dydo, Brother. Projects include promo-websites, internet services, subscription mailings, rich advertising media.

Nov 20122015

Managing co-owner

The Takes reduces video production costs and execution time- frames by providing SaaS-based, project management and enterprise resources planning solutions for the video production sector (Film/TV).

Key Achievements:

  • Served around 50 film production projects worldwide
  • Managed a team of 11 people (all remote developers)
  • Doubled customers retention with the Customer Success Journey algorithm
  • Invited to 4 startup accelerator programs, 2 picked
Aug 2009Nov 2012

Project Manager


Big data in consumer market. Qippo extracts rich data from product descriptions and presents it in unified machine and human recognizable formats ready for product/price comparison, competitor analysis, statistics gaining etc.

Key Achievements:

  • Managed a team of 15 remote developers, 25+ data managers
  • Processed millions of consumer products with Qippo
  • Automatic categorization, model recognition
  • 15,000+ e-stores crawled
  • Text processing  for features extraction from the free text (350+ categories covered)
  • Dozens of other data mining and management tasks
May 2004Aug 2010

Owner, Product Manager


SaaS-based website and e-commerce building platform for small businesses (similar to Was the first system in Russia that provided packaged website/domain/hosting/email solutions in under 10 min timeframe. 

Key Achievements:

  • Over 20,000 websites have been built.
  • Lots of happy customer reviews,
  • Built profitable business with zero investments, 80% of developlment and marketing work done by himself

Freelance project manager and developer


Project manager of 30+ major and medium-sized web projects. Created number of e-stores and CMS as a programmer for the customers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Italia. Managed teams up to 5 people.

Nov 2000Jun 2001

Flash-designer and developer

Tomica, Tomsk

Designed and developed several local business websites and flash banners.




Conferences, books, online courses

Visited many of AgileDays and RIT (Russian Internet Technology) conferences, constantly read professional media and books, take eDX and Coursera courses, attended startup and business related meetups and events in Moscow, Tallinn, Santiago, Kiev and Riga.


Certified NLP trainer, self-development specialist

NLP academy, PureNLP, Lowen institute and others

Apart from web development, constantly works on his self-development, motivation and presentation skills. He is an NLP, goal-achievement, and happiness management trainer .

Nov 2013Jun 2014

StartupChile alumnus


6-month business acceleration program in Santiago, Chile. Only 75 of 1200 candidates were selected. Wide entrepreneur community with number of events, invited stars, meet-ups, hackathons and trainings.

Jan 2013Apr 2013

StartupWiseGuys alumnus


3-month business acceleration program, 70 one-to-one sessions with the world's best startupers and managers (Skype, Soundcloud, Amazon, Google, Paypal and others). Trainings in lean technologies, customer development, business plan, pitching skills etc.

Sep 1996Jun 2000


Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University

Bachelor’s degree in High Voltage Engineering and Technology


Web Applications, back-end, front-end
Scrum Methodology
Big Data, Natural Language Processing
Product Management, Startups
Project Management