Hairstylist Max Ehinger was born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland, home of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Abbey of St. Gall. Max Ehinger attended Leonard primary school in St. Gallen and spent three years each at the Realschule and the Gewerbeschule St. Gallen. In addition, he served the Swiss military in 1959. With 58 years in the hairstyling profession, Max Ehinger continues to provide hairstyling services for clients at Marc Joseph Hair Design, his salon in Los Altos, California. He also oversees the salon’s daily operations and manages the other stylists.  

Max Ehinger has taken his talent for hairstyling all over the world and has served in salons in Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland; London, England; and in various cities in the United States. When Max Ehinger was just 11 years old, his father died; Ehinger began working as a hairstylist, which enabled him to provide immediate money for his family. His job became his career, and he gained a well-deserved reputation as a talented stylist and businessman. In addition to his hairstyling career, Max Ehinger managed 52 apartment units he owned until 2004.

Aside from enjoying his work, Max Ehinger likes to research and participate in stock trading, and he bought his Los Altos home with the proceeds of his investment skills. A physically active individual, he skis and bikes, two activities he has enjoyed since he was a child. Max Ehinger also travels whenever he has time, and he has visited Greece, Italy, France, England, Germany, and Croatia. In addition, he has toured Russia, Turkey, Austria, and several tropical destinations.  

Max Ehinger acts charitably and has volunteered more than 300 hours helping the residents at Grant Cuesta Subacute and Rehabilitation Hospital. For four years, he served as President and Treasurer of the Rancho Merchants Association in Los Altos, and he holds membership in several professional organizations.

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 1969 - Present

Salon Owner/Hair Stylist

Marc Joseph Hair-Design