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I attend the Council Rock A.C.H.I.E.V.E Transition program. At A.C.H.I.E.V.E I learn job skills by volunteering at business and organizations within the community. I also learn independent living skills, money skills, travel training, and self-advocacy skills.

Work experience


Hospital Volunteer Rehab/Main hospital

St. Mary's Hospital

At the main hospital, I work in the cafeteria and do mail delivery, while at the rehab center, I work in the other cafeteria, do newspaper delivery, and do the linens. I am currently working here 5 days a week. 


Kitchen Assistant

Chartwells Kitchen

I started working at Chartwells Kitchen in November 2015. It is located at Newtown Elementary School. In the kitchen, I place snacks on the snack cart, putting utensils in the utensil cart, wash trays, and serve food to the students. I stopped working around late February 2016.


I am a great team player. At St. Mary's Hospital, I help people find their places around the building. I also help my colleagues work on hard projects.