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I appreciate SOLID, KISS, and DRY principles. For the testing of web application, I use PHPUnit and Codeception. My daily technologies is a PHP, Symfony, Laravel and Yii, MySQL or MariaDB as the main database, ElasticSearch as a search engine, AWS or DigitalOcean for cloud hosting, RabbitMQ and Redis as a message broker and cache, Docker for fast deployment and code shipping.

Recently I often work with RESTful APIs, web application optimization for the high loads and high-security web application, refactoring legacy code and adding new features. I develop a web application of different kind and complexity, among them: sites for searching real estate, e-commerce platforms, social networks, API integration, SPA sites with REST API as backend.

Work History

May 2016May 2017

Senior backend Developer

Umber Firm Ltd

Development of E-commerce cloud-based platform that developed to combine advantages of offline and online retail. Platform allow connection and management multiple e-commerce sites as whole functionality as partitions. Developed platform has rich REST API for integration with third-party services, e-commerce sites, payment systems, CRM systems and EPR systems.
For implementation was used stack: SOA architecture; PHP 7.1 (Symfony 3.2 framework); Angular 2; Docker; Amazon Web Services; RabbitMQ; Redis; ElasticSearch; Jenkins; Phing.

Oct 2015Present

PHP backend Developer

Flawless App


- REST API development
- Application deployment to AWS
- Scalable file storage service based on AWS S3 and CloudFront

May 2015May 2016

Senior backend Developer

My main goal was development new features and optimizing site for high load.

We used AWS EC2 as a host platform, all photos are stored on AWS S3 and AWS CloudFront as a geocaching for all static files on a project. For queues was used AWS SQS

Apr 2013May 2015

Senior backend Developer/Team lead

Oberig - IT outsourcing and web development


  • Social network API's integration
  • Cloud storage API's integration
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Team management
Oct 2010Mar 2013

PHP Developer

Eprostir Ltd


  • Optimization SQL queries, high loads, code refactoring, payment systems integration and new features
  • Main project of company ( - was totally redesigned and rewritten to improve performance and maintainability


Full-stack developer | Private customer from U.S.




Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"