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With over 8 years on social media, I have the knowledge on how to set you up with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterset, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr and a lot of other platforms.

I can provide your website with beautiful social media icons, that will send your visitors to your social media profiles.

If you want the ability to see which content on your website people click on. How many visitors you have. Easy methods for your visitors to share your content on different social media and much more, I can provide it.

If you need someone to update your website with content or manage your social media profiles one time, once in a while or regularly I am the guy you need.

This year I am providing a new opportunity. As a customer researcher I offer through your social media profiles, to research your customers reactions, what they think of your business and how you promote it. With me as your researcher you get a whole new opportunity to get inside your customers mind and know what they like and dislike. With the information I get I can create a picture on what your customers wish were better and then we change it. This will take your business to a whole new level.

Work experience

Jan 2016Present


Digital Entrepreneur Life
Website Management, Social Media Management, Blogging, Providing all the Content.

Childcare worker/Teacher

The Ellebaek School

Teaching a 3rd grade. Help children develop their social skills and how to interact with other people. Also teaching children how to act on the internet and what to be aware of. 



Childcare worker 

The social and healthy school

You learn how to get children the best opportunities in life. How to keep them healthy, motivated and happy. Also what to do when problems arises at home or other things that can be crucial for their development. 


Brand Promoting

I can promote you business on social media.

Getting more followers on Twitter and Pinterest.

Advertise your brand on social media.

Website polishing

I can take your website to the next level.

- Get social media icons, so people can easily share your content.

- Know how many visitors you have and which sites that are more popular.

- See what your visitors click on the most.

And much more...


The knowledge on how people think and react on different scenarios.

Very useful when managing a website, social media or doing work as a customer researcher.

Social Media

How to set up different types of social media profiles, both for personal and for business purpose.

How to keep the profiles up to date and manage them regularly.

Contact Information

Contact Information

To find out how I can help you deliver better results, get in touch for more information.

Name: Max Jensen

Email: [email protected]