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Currently, one of my main responsibilities as Technical Leader is to provide a good environment, technical or not, for my team of 10 talented professionals. Other responsibilities include planning with other managers the project (activities and schedules), keeping in mind the project size, efforts, risks, skills already present on the team, quality, and productivity.

Even though one of my main focus is to resolve technical issues, I have also been acting in non-technical questions related to leadership subjects. In doing so, I try to foment in my team some necessary behavioral characteristics, because these are as important as programming language and software architecture, on my opinion.


Technical Interest:

  • design pattern;
  • inspection and code reviewing;
  • software estimative techniques, specially based on UCP and Line Of Code (LOC);


  • Coach and Mentoring;
  • Motivation Techniques;
  • Planning and Tracking of project;

Some books:

  • Code Complete, Steve McConnell;
  • The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge;
  • Presence, Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer;
  • Coaching the team at work, David Clutterbuck.


To work in a challenging role that encompasses my skills and experience in Information Technology, Technical Leadership, and Management.  I particularly enjoy designing and implementing new technical projects that challenge and stretch my abilities, allowing me to learn new skills and to lead a team of people in producing positive change.



Technical Lead/Manager
I have been responsible for the overall planning, execution, and success of complex technical projects. I drive technical projects and provide leadership for a group of 6-12 engineers in an innovative and fast-paced environment.
I have worked with C and C++ since my first job in 1999. I have used them in different platforms and environments like in Handhelds (Palm OS, Symbol, Symbian OS, etc), Customized Mobile Devices, Microcontrollers, for UNIX, LINUX, Proprietary Mobile OS (like for Motorola's platform), etc