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Highly competent in architecting, deploying and managing enterprise grade applicationplatforms, simultaneously incorporating redundancy, load-balancing, scaling and fail-over.Maximization of availability, maintainability and security were incorporated in designs.Application technologies include cloud, web, multimedia, GPS-location, and Digital RightsManagement (DRM) interacting with enterprise-level systems with delivery to mobile devices.Expert working knowledge of Open Source Software (OSS) specifically: RedHat Linux, Apache,Perl, PHP, MySQL, JBoss (Java) and OpenSSL. Specialist in debugging issues at all levels ofsystem interactions including application-level, low-level (TCP/IP protocols) from servers toclients. Intimate knowledge of all stages of software development processes and best practices ofSoftware Configuration Management (SCM). Excellent communication skills plus broadbackground in solving problems led to many successes as an Applications Analyst in a powerfulTechnical Lead role.

Work experience

Nov 2010Present

IT Technical Specialist (Release Management)

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

Evaluate, develop and integrate software tools to automate software deployments, metrics gathering, processimprovements and report generation for the Release Management group. Represent Release Management in defining roles and responsibilities within deployment processes for new projects/applications. Provide overallsupport for any deployment, metric or reporting tools in use by Release Management.


  • Re-architected “Automated Release Management” (ARM) Tool from a Linux command-lineinterface to a database driven Web-based application written in Object Oriented PHP.
  • Evaluated four different Java Application Deployment applications from correspondingvendors to choose the most suitable vendor for LabCorp’s needs. Interfaced with
Jun 2008Oct 2010

Senior Software Developer (Enterprise Partner Solutions)

Research In Motion, Ltd.

Design and implement an environment for development and testing of the Enterprise SocialNetworking Application Proxy (SNAP), including capabilities for client demos, debuggingserver applications and debugging of client applications. Installation, configuration andmaintenance of enterprise web-based applications to support the above. Support anddevelopment of SCM build environment for SNAP, Lotus Connections Mobile Client, LotusQuickr Mobile Client, and E-Commerce Optimization Engine (ECOE).


  • Instantiation of Development and System-Test labs with 50+ application servers in an MS domain.
  • Advise on technical feasibility of architectures to team designers and application developers.
  • Deployed Linux based Apache web-server with a Tomcat back-end as the initial development environment for SNAP.
  • Deployed Archiva repository for use with the Maven build tool.
  • Developed HTTPS Sniffing Proxy for the development and testing of RIM’s Single Sign On (SSO) solution.
  • Compiled, configured and deployed Nagios for monitoring various systems and applications.
  • ECOE Mobile Client / Server application – trained in architecture, passed on to new team and lead with: 1) Coordination of ECOE client demos, monitoring tool development and implementation. 2) Reduction of ECOE issues related to Ticketmaster engagement.
  • Installation, configuration and deployment of BES 4.1.6 / 5.0.x servers with HA and DB Mirroring.


  • IBM Lotus Connections Server – Installation, configuration and support of WebSphere-based application integrated with Active Directory or LDAP and DB2.
  • Lotus Connections Mobile Client – Developed SCM build tool based on “make” and bourneshellprovided by MKS environment.
  • IBM Lotus Quickr Server – Installation, configuration of Lotus Domino as well as J2EEbased application integrated with Active Directory, LDAP and DB2.
  • Lotus Quickr Mobile Client – Modified existing SCM build tool to match deliverablescreated by the Lotus Connections Client build tool.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server – Installation and configuration of SharePoint on Server 2008.
May 1999May 2008

Principal Staff Software Engineer (Engineering Server Team)

Motorola, Inc.

Provided technical leadership in a development environment by directing hardware and softwareacquisition, work environment, mentoring and training. Developed and supported web and otherapplications, software tools, scripts, prototypes, etc. for end-users as well as developmentengineers, making applications robust, reliable and user-friendly in a multi-platform environmentconsisting of Linux, Sun, HP-Unix and Windows systems.


  • Created overall architecture of web-server infrastructure (including load-balancing, reliability and redundancy) to work in conjunction with iDEN handsets and PC-clients.
  • Infrastructure designed around Linux, Apache, VMware, JBoss, Coldfusion, Perl and Oracle.
  • Architected and deployed lab environment to duplicate Motorola’s DMZ infrastructure including Firewall, virtual-domains, SSL, certificates, NAT, Reverse-Proxy and URL pattern-matching.
  • Architected and documented overall DRM flow including installation of certificates in devices, encryption of content, packaging and delivery of rights and content, unpackaging of rights and content, decryption of content and final secured storage of the content. Worked with 2.0 draft standards from Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).
  • Enforced Configuration Management processes and policies via changes in the environment.
  • Creation of Virtual-Domain Web Development Environment(s) isolating each developer’s workspace in an Intranet web environment.


  • Mobile Location Server (MLS) – GPS tracking of iDEN handsets using a proprietary protocol. Overcame networking issues by using VPN and GRE into carrier’s networks.
  • Web Tools Platform (WTP) – Command-line tool functionality through an Intranet website. Architected Perl-based system with ssh; developers ran build-tools in their accounts via web.
  • UBUNTU based handset “sniffer” – Computer and handsets combined to sniff over-the-air
  • communications. Configured OSS components connecting handsets and routing data.
  • Third Party Component Builder (TPCB) – External website allowing third-parties to upload and kickoff software builds. Architected front-end interface and entire back-end.
  • Issue Tracking System (ITS) – Defect tracking of third-party SW exposed to external website
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) – Proprietary content and rights for iDEN digital content
  • iFUN – Delivery of third-party-content including ring-tones, wallpapers and Java apps; based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Over The Air Software Updates (OTASU) – System for updating firmware of iDEN handsets
  • iDEN Update – Client-Server application for software updates and digital content
Nov 1995May 1999

Lead Technical Software Engineer (SW Tools Group)

Motorola, Inc.

Development of web applications, software tools, applications, prototypes, etc. for SWdevelopment engineers, making applications robust and user friendly in a multi-platformenvironment.


  • Brought Tcl, Tcl-Tk and Perl-Tk into the iDEN SW Development group.
  • Developed LCD prototyping tool; suite of tools for automating Configuration Management procedures; Time Tracker tool for tracking engineer's time on projects and milestones.
  • Ported various C/C++ tools from SunOS to HP-UX.
  • Developed various internal Web tools and information pages.
  • Developed Bootcamp training class to bring new-hires up to speed (considered a “best practice”).
Aug 1991Nov 1995

Software Engineer (Test Systems Engineering - TSE)

Motorola, Inc.

Development of the Portable Automated Test Software (PATS) platform and applications fortuning and testing products. Provide mentoring and technical leadership for colleagues and newhires.


  • Coordination and implementation of manufacturing “Bullet-line” including: Laser-trim, Board-test, Program/Tune/Test, Air-check and Analysis processes.
  • Migration of Configuration Management tool from DSEE to Clearcase.
  • Developed software and hardware tools to root-cause low-running, hard-to-duplicate factory failures; included fixture pausing (with Alpha-numeric paging) and serial “T” cable.


Using the UNIX command-line since beginning of career; capable of: Command-line piping including, but not limited to, sorting, searching, parsing and formatting Installing RPMs (or other OS-based package systems) for updates or installs Installing most Open Source Software (OSS) from source-code and/or packages Managing and configuring services such as: DHCP, DNS, NFS, FTP, Samba, SSH, etc. Automation of file-system management via cron, find, rsync, tar, etc. Installation and configuration of Web-based and enterprise-level middleware: Apache, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Connections, Quickr, Java-SDK, Tomcat, PHP, Perl, MySQL, etc. System and resource monitoring, troubleshooting and resolution



Aug 1984Dec 1996

Associate in Arts

Miami Dade Community College

Studied: Cobol, Advanced Cobol, JCL, AS400 Assembly, Pascal and Fortran

Jan 1987May 1991

Bachelor of Science

Florida International University

Emphasis on Computer Engineering. Above and beyond performance in Fast Fourier Transforms for Image and Sound filtering and enhancements.

Aug 1980Jun 1984

High School Diploma

American High School

Graduated with Honors and College credits for:

AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Computers (Pascal) and AP English

Member of:

Math Club, Computer Club and Key Club

Received Computer Programming award in 1983 and 1984