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Work experience

Aug 2010Present

United States Soccer Referee


As a soccer referee I must be able to accept criticism from others, including coaches, players, and parents, and be able to keep very calm. Take decisions very quickly, yet precise. I must not let any emotions get involved, but keep it very professional. Must be able to work for many hours without losing concentration, as doing so may cause a riot. Must be able to stand any type of weather from sunrise to sunset, while running and jogging the entire day. Supervisor- Brandon Ward

Number- 832-928-3416 Address- 9738 Hufsmith Rd, Tomball, TX 77375 

August 2016Present

Soccer Coach

North Channel

Being a soccer coach, one must be able to withstand any type of weather, as soccer games happen all day long, outdoors. Must set up practices for the team, and demonstrate physical activity exercise. Coaching 13 and 14 year olds, one must also have a high amount of patience, as the kids at this age tend to daze off quite often, and very frequently horse play when they're not suppose to. 

May 2015 May 2017

Customer Service Representative

Myron Steves

At Myron Steves, I had to adjust to working with multiple computer softwares in a short amount of time. Had to make sure that all the information in the insurance policies which we created were correct, as one mistake could not only cause a customer to cancel their policy, but a lawsuit could have came from just a simple mistake. Here I worked with softwares such as Micosoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Imageright, and Concept One. 

Supervisor: Janie Hernandez, Number 713-522-1100 Address- 3131 Eastside St, Houston, TX 77098 Reason for leaving: New program was developed, which let the customers let their choose their policy option directly from them, leaving no room for the department.

November 2014April 2015



An extremely busy place, with very high expectations from their employees. Very competitive place to get a job in. Store opened just five months ago, yet I have already worked as a cashier, offered the opportunity to work in the deli-department, and help out with maintenance during busy times. A place where an employee must be able to not commit mistakes, be very friendly, and work at a fast pace. Must be very responsible, as being one minute late means a write up. There is no room for errors in this working environment, and has taught me very much in such a small amount of time.

Supervisor: Jason Bolton Number 713-230-2920 4080 East Fwy, Baytown, TX 77521 Reason for leaving: Started working at Myron Steves

June 2013May 2014


Fiesta Foodmart

Located on Kirby Road in front of Reliant Stadium, this foodstore is busy every single day. Was a cashier, had to work with great amounts of currency, yet was never short in money. Stood for long periods of time, lift heavy objects. Learnt to socialize with many different ethnics, from Arabic, Indian and Europeans. Many cultures near that place. Supervisor:

Saju Gerogeman Number 713-666-9260 8130 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77054 Reason for leaving: Started Bucee`s



May 2012Aug 2012

Cashier/Bus Boy

Cici's Pizza

Worked in a location where it is very busy. Had to clean tables, wash the dishes, sweep, mop, clean windows, and make sure the store was kept clean all at the same time. I was then promoted to cashier, yet still helped out with all the activities which I mentioned before. We were short staffed throughout the whole time which I worked there, therefore I had to learn to multi-task at a very quick pace. Before leaving, I was offered the position to be an assistant manager, which I had to decline due to not having a vehicle.

Supervisor- Sarah Romero Number- 713-450-4400 469 Uvalde Rd, Houston, TX 77015 Reason for Leaving: Was still in High-school

May 2011Aug 2011


French Corner

Had to work under much pressure. Be able to work under a very limited amount of time. Had to pack food orders and make sure everything was correct to be catered. All orders had to be ready in a very short amount of time and delivered punctually. Had to work at a very fast pace with no room for error.

Supervisor- Margarito Hernandez Number -713-661-5324 1104 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77054 Reason for Leaving: Was still in High-school


Educational & Sports Achievements

Educational & Sports Achievements Gifted and Talented program- 1st grade though 12th grade

Scholars Academy Encounters (Class for high IQ students)

4.0 GPA average throughout whole high-school career

National Honor Society

Captain of High-school soccer team- Freshmen and Senior year. (Showed leadership, responsibility, and respected by team)

Horseshoe MVP award- Freshmen and Senior year.( Awarded to the most determined and hardest working player of the team)

All-District MVP-Junior year- Awarded to the most valuable player of the district.

Athlete of the School-Senior year- Awarded to the hardest working athlete of the school.

Marines Distinguished Award- Awarded to an athlete every 3 years to the most distinguished and most determined athlete of the school.

U.S.S.F Academy Soccer- Played the highest level of soccer before professional level