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Mauricio Sanchez

Communications, PR and Media Director

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Communications PR and Media Director

U.S. Embassy Madrid, Spain

Information Specialist at the Embassy, in charge of:

-Maintaining high level standards of contacts with all media in Spain.

-Maintaining high level standards of contact with other public opinion actors in private enterprise, politics and government.

-Counseling Foreign Service Officers in a wide range of communication aspects and strategies in Spain.

-Communications Crisis management.

-Daily reporting and tracking on Spanish press of topics of interest.

-Develop quarterly strategic media engagement and communications plan.

-Advise on appropriate media strategies and opportunities.

-Advise on appropriate Op-ed and article opportunities.

-Overall coordination of all Public Diplomacy activities.

-Organization and coordination of Public Diplomacy events.

-Escort Ambassador trips around Spain to engage with local and regional media.

-Mission speaker: Lecturer at different universities about Public Affairs and the role of the Communications office.

Jul 1998Aug 2008

Foreign Editor

La Razon daily Spanish newspaper

As Foreign Editor I was in charge of:

-Daily compilation of international news.

-Editorial power to decide daily on what topics and issues to publish.

-Responsible for writing international editorial comments.

-Coordination of the section's human resources. 6 staff writers and 16 foreign correspondents.

-Writing a weekly Sunday opinion column about international news.

Jun 1997Jun 1998

Economic staff reporter-writer

Televisa Spain-Television network

-TV Reporter and writer for the economic channel “Expasión Financiera” televised around de world and with newsrooms in Madrid, New York and Buenos Aires.

-Covered international news with an economic point of view.

Sep 1994May 1997

International staff writer

ABC daily newspaper

-Staff writer in the Spanish daily ABC

-Responsible for the Middle East news area.

-Supervision and elaboration of news out of all Middle Eastern countries.

-Special envoy to Jerusalem and the West Bank for the Palestinian Authority elections in January 1996 and the Israeli general elections in May of the same year.

Feb 1994Aug 1994

Sports stringer

Associated Press

-Sports stringer with Ap in its Madrid office, writing articles and interviews about South American football players in the Spanish first division.


Sep 1988May 1992

Bachelor of Arts

New York University

-The Journalism Institute's undergraduate track prepares its students to think, research, report and write as journalists who aspire to the highest levels of the profession in whatever subject areas they ultimately embrace.

-It places heavy emphasis on understanding the significance of the journalist’s role as an ethically grounded purveyor of news and insight and provides repeated opportunities to learn from the best through the close reading of seminal works in the field and equally close editing of student work.

-At the same time, the program cultivates a passion for news and for the responsibilities involved in its coverage.

-Develop the student’s ability to research and report, to generate fresh story ideas and approaches to the coverage of all manner of subjects, and to work diligently at mastering story structure across media, both for work in immediate and longer-range deadline formats.


Contacts & Communication Skills
Contacts. -Wide range of contacts within the Spanish and international media. -Contacts in the major parties, think-tanks and within the diplomatic arena in Spain and U.S. -Wide knowledge of the American political system, culture and society with contacts in both parties, media outlets and State Department.   Communication Skills.   -Effective and proven spoken, written and interpersonal communication skills. -Proficient in social media and digital communications strategies. -Quick decision making and adaptability to rapid change. -Control and supervision of groups of personnel at different professional levels. -Frequently invited to television debates. -Invited to the El País daily newspaper summer college as a lecturer. -Professor at Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School. -Professor of graduate programs at ICADE university.
Extensive journalistic work
  Extensive journalistic work in international and national print news, including interviews with: - Spain´s former Prime Minister José María Aznar, (Oct, 21, 07). - U.S Ambassador to Spain Eduardo Aguirre, (Feb., 5, 08). - U.S Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, (Jul., 8, 07). - Dalia Rabin, daughter of Isaac Rabin, (Jan., 2, 07). - Nathan Sharansky, Israeli minister (May 14, 06).  - Daniel Pipes, (Jul., 2, 06). - Madeleine Albright, (Jun., 23, 04). - Shlomo Ben Ami, (Aug., 13, 00), among others.   Weekly column published on Sundays named “Zona Cero” or “Ground Zero” dedicated to the victims of the September 11 tragedy covering a wide range of issues like terrorism, American politics, transatlantic policies and geostrategic problems surging from international conflicts like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo or Iran.    
English Language
Followed the British High School education from age 4 to 18, fully in English language. Studied College in the U.S. Currently working for U.S. Government in Spain´s U.S. Embassy.


U.S. Department of State Eagle Award 2014

-For the implementation of Communications and Media Strategy in a Defense related program in Spain.

U.S. Department of State Meritorious Honor Award 2011

-For the implementation in Spain of the Communications and Media Strategy before, during and after the Wikileaks scandal.

U.S. Department of State Franklin Award 2010

-For implementation of Communications and Media Strategy during Vice President Joseph Biden visit to Spain.

U.S. Department of State Franklin Award 2009

-For innovation in the implementation of Ambassador Solomont´s initial Communications Strategic plan after his arrival to Spain.


-Passion for sports, played varsity golf and tennis at NYU.

-Still play golf and keep fit in daily gym workouts.

-Can't go by without literature, from Somerset Maugham through William Faulkner or F. Scott Fitzgerald to Fiodor Dostoyevsky.

-Passion for flying and travelling. Would have been a pilot if not a communication professional.

-Family is important for me. I have 2 daughters and 1 son.