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I am a Software Engineer with 19 years of professional experience. I know how to write good software. I have faced the challenges presented by software development and I have learned how to overcome them.

I have been part of software projects that range from teams as small as one person to teams of 130+ people dispersed around the world. I have experience leading Scrum teams that thanks to smart and disciplined processes, have delivered working software on-time and on-budget.

I have working experience in the United States, Israel, Australia and Colombia.


Java / J2EE / C / C++  
Agile / Scrum / XP / RUP
JPA / Hibernate / MyBatis / QueryDSL
JUnit / Mockito / JMock / EasyMock 
Spring / Spring MVC / Spring-WS / Spring Security 
JavaServer Faces - JSF / MyFaces / Wicket 
JUnit / Mockito / JMock / EasyMock 
Oracle / MS SQL Server / DB2 / MySQL
Maven / Bamboo 
Git / Subversion / ClearCase / CVS

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Senior Sotware Developer / Lead Engineer

PSL - Software Development - Medellín, Colombia

Leading a team working on Avianca’s operations support platform. Avianca is the 3rd largest airline in Latin America. This application can process millions of operations change messages, and at the same time dispatches notifications and alerts to hundreds of users in real-time. The technology stack includes Java 8, Spring 4.2, Hibernate 5, AngularJS, ActiveMQ and Bootstrap.

Tech Lead for GuestTek’s RendezView conferencing service platform. Rendezview is a new product that created a new source of revenue for GuestTek. The software is capable of creating and managing wireless networks that provide Internet access to up to 10.000 users at the same time. The technology stack includes Java 7, Groovy, Hibernate, Spring, AngularJS and MySQL.

Technical lead of one of the teams in charge of writing BMC’s Footprints version 12, a worldwide renowned IT Services solution. Footprints user base is around 5.000 customers worldwide and a single instance can serve thousands of users. This project is being carried out by teams in Europe, South America and the United States, using a Java back-end stack and a JavaScript-based front-end.

Software designer and developer of Seon’s vMax Live, a Web Based Fleet Management Application. The software receives messages from approximately 8.000 vehicles every minute, storing and processing them to generate dashboards of real-time data. The backend uses Java, and a combination of MongoDB and MySQL for storing data.

Oct 2008Nov 2009

 Senior Java Solutions Engineer

News Digital Media - Sydney, Australia

Responsible for improving the performance, memory usage and monitoring capabilities of the company's RSS delivery system. By re-writing parts of the code and re-architecting the solution, the performance improved 400% and the memory used was reduced 40%. The backend is Java-based, data is persisted in Oracle databases and the front end uses Wicket.

May 2008Oct 2008

J2EE Specialist/Server-Side Enterprise Developer

Telstra - Sydney, Australia

 Responsible for the release and development of Telstra's Voice Services Channel(VSC). VSC is a Web Services(SOAP) layer that runs on top of the company's back-end systems like billing and CRM. The Voice Services Channel project provides a unified and secure(WS-Security) interface to Telstra's back-end infrastructure. This is part of a larger project that includes the development of an Interactive Voice Response(IVR) system.

Mar 2007Apr 2008

Content System Programmer

Ericsson - Sydney, Australia

Part of a team working on the development of a pool of mobile Web applications designed to run on 3G handsets for Hutchison's Three Mobile Network. These applications allow users to manage their accounts, check email, customize their mobile Web portal and access multimedia content like live-TV, news, music, videos and games. Data is retrieved from Content Management Systems, Oracle databases and other enterprise back-end solutions like video streaming, charging and messaging platforms. Emphasis was on delivering high quality software. Test-Coverage was at least 80% for all the software pieces that were deployed to the production servers.

Dec 2001Jan 2007

Senior Software Engineer

PSL - Medellín, Colombia

Defined the architecture and led a team developing a large-scale, multithreaded system that uses web services to dynamically exchange information between disperse government agencies. In association with IBM Latin America, and via funding provided by the US Department of the Treasury, my team and I wrote an application that generates and orchestrates the communication of 18 different government agencies.

Led a team developing a web application to manage guarantee claims. This application handles all claims for Auteco, the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the country. I was in charge of overseeing the whole developing and testing process. I was also responsible for the general design of the application, tutoring junior staff members, and doing server side programming.

Worked on the development and implementation of PSE, an electronic payment solution for financial institutions. This application was largely based on web services. There is a client side that consumes web services published by the national ACH operator and a server side that publishes services to be used by the ACH operator.

Part of a team that architected and developed a framework to build web based applications. I was in charge of the design and implementation of the persistence layer, auditing and transactions approval modules. I participated on several projects that used this framework to build high performance, multi-user, specialized banking applications.

Oct 2000Nov 2001


128 Software Inc - California, USA

Member of a team working on the specification and design of a platform to voice-enable e-business and enterprise applications. I was responsible for the development of two prototypes: a HTML-to-VoiceXML software layer, which allows users to use existing Web applications through a VoiceXML interface, and a test voice-site hosted by BeVocal.

Part of a team evaluating the requirements for the development of a software layer to run Nuance SpeechObjects(Reusable Dialog Components) with different Automatic Speech Recognition Systems.

Jul 1996Sep 2000

Software Engineer

TEOCO(TTI Telecom) - Tel Aviv, Israel / CELSA S.A.-Medellín, Colombia

TEOCO produces Helix (formerly Netrac), one of the leading Service Quality Center solutions in the world. I was in charge of designing and implementing a cellular equipment monitoring and maintenance module for one of the biggest cellular carriers in the country.

Designed and developed the server-side part of a Network Management System (NMS) for telephony networks. This system collects network traffic and fault information from different NE (network elements) through TCP/IP connections.  The data is parsed using a rule-engine, based on regular expressions.

Member of a team that designed and developed a new version of a Payphone Management System. The payphones connect to the system using a modem; sending usage, coins and fault information on a daily basis.



Master of Marketing

EAFIT University

Bachelor of Computer Science

EAFIT University