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Mauricha Chantall Manus

Professional Executive PA


A highly motivated, enthusiastic and detail-oriented individual eager to parlay advanced skill-set in a role that supports a wide range of administrative responsibilities in a fast-paced environment.  Competent professional who can be trusted with even the most confidential projects.  Excels in turning disorganized environments into smooth-running operations and overhauling administrative processes to improve accuracy and efficiency. Self-starter and quick learner who always exceeds expectations.


  • Superior organization skills
  • Superior communication skills
  • Schedule creation and maintenance
  • Proper phone etiquette skills
  • Executive presentation development
  • Detailed minute taker
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Advance MS  Office Suite  & Google Suite knowledge
  • Exceptional multitasker
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Deadline & Results-oriented 
  • Energetic work attitude
  • Dedicated team-player


  • Provided exceptional support to managers and co-workers which increased overall efficiency by 30%.
  • Successfully planned and executed corporate meetings, lunches and special events for groups of 100 employees.
  • Increased office organization by developing more efficient filing system and customer database protocols. 
  • Accelerated the appointment system at Petroleum Agency SA by incorporating an interactive calendar hereby resulting in hassle-free appointment logging.
  • Attained Award for Best Employee in 2010 after 1 year of employment following excellent staff/custome feedback for providing outstanding tier one services.



Academic Administrator/Front Office

Protea Heights Academy

Monitored & managed front desk reception area of Protea Heights Academy. Responsible for providing general secretarial support for school office functions related to the principal, parents, students, staff and administration.  

Responsibilities included providing exceptional customer service to all parents, learners, teachers and support staff,  responsible for coordinating & maintaining principal’s schedule, scheduling of all principal’s meetings; handling of all calendar & events requests; responsible for tracking of all issues of importance for the principal daily, providing academic support, advising & registration services to all learners  & parents; responsible for handling purchasing of school materials & equipment; responsible for ensuring timely, processing of all new learner school application, processing of all new learner admissions applications, creating new learner profiles on Staffroom software, responsible for maintaining confidential school & learner records & accurate delivery thereof,  coordinate & manage purchasing/ordering process of all school materials, goods, equipment & services; ensuring timely & accurate delivery thereof and appointed secretary of the Finance SGB Committee;  record, transcribe & distribute these minutes; following-up on all outstanding progress to  delegated members. 


Virtual Executive Assistant

Freelance Worker

Provided high-level administrative & business management support services to small business owners & entrepreneurs on a daily basis .

Responsibilities included management of clients offices virtually using, various platforms like Skype, Google Suite, Trello & other programs, provided high-level administrative & business management support to clients on a daily basis; screened/answered all inbound calls of clients with tact & diplomacy; provided general information to clients; answering of all support tickets to resolve customers’ problems and provide additional information; tracking of VIP relations & facilitation of relationships by familiarizing myself with various life events of the client,  planned & coordinated complex travel (domestic & international) arrangements for my clients). Initiating airline, hotel/lodging, and ground transportation reservations; preparing & distributing of detailed travel itinerary to the traveler, managed process for the set-up of auto responders to manage incoming email in a profound manner, managed all electronic correspondence & documentation of clients business using applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, Laserfiche, etc. Coordinated & managed  of all conferences & exhibitions on behalf of client including ordering lunch, booking conference rooms, setting up of projector/video conferencing units, managed process to publish posts social media platforms/blogs and filtering & replying to comments left on these platforms & reconciled clients bank statements and managed issuing & processing of invoices relating to their businesses.


PA to CFO/Financial Administrator

Petroleum Agency SA

Performing high complex administrative & office management support services to Chief Financial Officer (CFO),  Finance, IT & Procurement departments. Assisted CFO with the operations, growth and effectiveness of the office.   Assisted Chief Financial Officer by utilizing time management skills to allow executive to focus on day-to-day operations

Responsibilities included multi functional support responsibilities such as, but not limited to, administrative functions, data communications, facilities management, human resources services, insurance, office services, purchasing, security, etc,  performed various routine clerical duties to include screening and processing incoming calls; taking and transmitting messages; maintaining calendars; keying information into databases; making photocopies; performing data entry; faxing documents; typing; and word processing, planned & coordinated complex travel (domestic & international) arrangements for the CFO, staff and consultants, facilitated budget planning and forecasting process by sourcing of the required information & collation of the supporting documentation where necessary, reviewed important departmental documents, letters, memorandum, policies & procedures and SLA agreements/contracts, responsible for the procurement required within our facility, including monitoring and maintaining office supplies, responsible for all accounts payable, analyze all invoices for accuracy; trace and investigate, assisted auditors with management of smooth running auditing process and ensuring all required information was sent & received timeously, managed company insurance portfolio & administered all insurance claims including international travel claims,  managed company's cell phone contracts/agreements process &  handled tender for sale of all of company's absolute assets and managed company's Capital, CFO, Finance, IT & Procurement budgets .


Executive Assistant to EM

Wine Industry Development Assocation

Assisted the Executive Manager in the creation of the company, i.e. Notary issues, finding a company lawyer, Tax ID, acquiring necessary permits and certificates.  Managed all administrative facets for the EM, acted as liaison and maintained open lines of communication among senior executives, board members, shareholders, middle management and staff.

Responsibilities included scheduling & coordination of all appointments & meetings, managed EM's calendar requests; tracked all issues of importance on behalf of the EM on a daily basis, screened, answered & directed calls with tact & diplomacy to the appropriate person for further information; provided general information to clients; manages contacts using Outlook to conduct up-to-date database entry, facilitated relationships by familiarizing myself with various life events of the EM (such as birthdays, and other major milestones),  ensured all visitors/clients received high-quality professional service and that client's priorities are handled in a timely manner in person, prepared all formal business correspondence, documents, presentations, memos; entered & tracked all administrative actions from inception through to completion, organized & coordinated all travel logistics (domestic and international) for the EM, staff & consultants. Confirmed travel logistics prior to traveling taking place & provided the traveler with a travel folder which includes a detailed travel itinerary with all relevant documents, managed & coordinated all meetings, conferences & exhibitions including ordering lunch, booking conference rooms, setting up of projector/video conferencing units; taking & drafting of meeting minutes & distribution of minutes, agendas & meeting packages, managed company's ordering/procuring process of all goods/services for the company when needed. Managed tracking process of all the expenses within WIDA & the preparing of monthly expenditure reports for submission to the Board & kept & managed an accurate data/information/filing system of all company's correspondence/documents & records, ensuring that information as easily accessible.




Alison Online Learning Platform 


Cape Town University t/a Getsmarter 


Cape Town University t/a Getsmarter


Stellenbosch College


*  MS PowerPoint 97 

*  Debt recovery & Litigation

 * Ghost Fill and Ghost Convey

*  English Pronunciation

*  Emotional Toughness 

*  Being Assertive

*  Meeting Coordination & Minute Taking

*  The Superb Secretary 

*  Effective Workplace Management

*  Advanced Office Management & Administration

*  The PA  MBA

*  Finance & Budgets Plus MS Excel for Secretaries

*  Public Sector Supply Chain Management

*  Advanced Business Writing & Presentation Skills

*  Advanced Information & Communications Skills Admin Professionals

*  Procurement & Supply Chain Management

*  Finance for Non-Financial Managers & Managing Tenders,  Procurement & Supply Chain Management


    Available On Request