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Maurice Sunkpal

Experienced Mining Engineer|Drill and Blast|Mine Planning|Mine Ventilation|Geotechnical|Rock Mech.|Graduating Dec. 2015

Work experience

Aug 2013Present

Mine Research Assistant ♦ Mining Engineer ♦ Heat Study ♦Thermal Balance in Human ♦ Heat Indices

University of Nevada Reno
● Research work titled: "Assessing, Modeling, and Cooling Underground Workings in Deep and Hot Mines" ● Analyzed parameters that contribute to human comfort in stressed environment ● Assessed thermal balance of the human body ● Tracked heat indices for assessing thermal stress in mine workers ● Analyzed mine ventilation cost optimization
Apr 2011Aug 2013

Site Manager ♦Mining Engineer ♦Safety Leadership ♦Interface Between Operations ♦Commercial Ownership

Orica Mining Services
● Highlighted opportunities for cost, safety and environmental improvements and blast optimization ● Managed the rock fragmentation process from loading (charging) till blasting ● Coached the blasting crew on safe and efficient use of explosives ● Managed Orica's blast services operations for Newmont Ghana Ahafo mine. ● Resolved ammonia in mine water issues ● Coordinated operations to meet customer goal of on-time and in-full delivery ● Improved safety, health and environmental issues through training, inspections and audits ● Implemented Change Management Systems
Jan 2010Mar 2011

Mine Site Manager ♦ Mining Engineer ♦ Blasting ♦ Fragmentation ♦ Blast monitoring ♦ VOD ♦ Airblast

● Managed the explosives and rock fragmentation operations for a Kinross Gold mine. ● Conducted quality blasting audits and risk assessments through videoing blasts, airblast and vibration monitoring with VibraTech devices and VOD measurements ● Conducted quality measurement of bulk explosives to ensure the meet design standards ● Implemented safety practices and procedures that improved operations significantly
Jan 2009Dec 2009

Graduate Mining Engineer

AEL Mining Services
This was a self-learning and mentoring process in the rock fragmentation operations: Right from Loading to blasting. Some areas covered were: ● Investigated operational Cost implications of changing blasting methods ● Appraised Risks associated with blasting ● Implemented Explosives and Mining Regulations relating to explosives. ● Analyzed cause of excessive Flyrock, Vibrations, and Airblast Control ● Recognized potential Safety Hazards relating to explosives and know how to avoid them ● Assessed Blast Patterns in difficult or unusual areas so as to maintain good results ● Matched Explosives Categories and select a rationally cost-effective combination ● Studied the right Priming and Charging of blastholes to ensure optimum performance, ● Analyzed and established a criterion to select suitable Initiation System, including delay intervals and hook-up methods



Master of Science (MS)

University of Nevada-Reno


Kwame Nkrumah' University of Science and Technology, Kumasi


Underground Mining
Mining Engineering