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Blackwell Job Corps / North Central Technical trade College


Work experience


Certi. Welder

Colonna Down River • Marinette Marine

Certi. Arc & flux core welder  /fitter dog legs supports, weld repairing and welding cribbing, cutting, drilling deck plates, all welding and gouging as needed


Contractor Welder

PDS Tech • Sturgeon Bay Marine

Cert. Flux core welder / stick welder 7018 rod and gouging some Fab, with torching


Aluminum Contract welder / fitter

PDS Tech • Marinette Marine

Weld dog legs supports, wall panels, lifting lugs, studs, pipes, hvac ducting, dividers and bracing


Certi. Welder / fitter

Valley Plating & Fab

Did project small to large welding  jobs, fit­ up and helper and prep parts, some aluminum 5356 0.52, MIG(1/16 to.035) also in metal­core, flux­ core, hard wire, stainless steel mulching tank for paper mill company using 308/309 s.s. wire,  S.S. casting welding for P&H/ Joy Global mining equipment from 80 ton counterweights, support masses etc.
Grinding and inspection of welds to size and­ normal shop duties



El Campo Rice Belt COOP
R.C. Rebuilders & Fabricators Welder/Fabricator Weld tanks, parts, shaker pans, ramps with flux core 1/16 to 0.045 wire, Pipe welds 0.045, Air/hydraulic tanks 0.045, MIG, Thermalcore/ARC/all MIG welding, Shearing all metals/grind welds, smoothing, torched cut outs

Weld / repair


MIG and ARC 7018 / 6011 rods, landscape work, farm welding work and repair


Certi. flux core welder & some fabrication

Structural Components

1/16 Flux core, ARC welding 7018/6011 welding prefabricated parts for building, torch cutting and beveling beams & angles, grind small parts, drill, punch, weld small platforms for motor mounts 


Arc welder

El Campo Sheet Metal

Weld platforms and I­-beams Torch cutting, Portable rigs, Cap welds 6011/7018 Maintenance on augers at A.R.I., did lots of large demos on factory machinery to be transported to other sites to be  erected auctioned 


Maintenance repair welder

El Campo Rice Belt Coop

Fab & repair welds on tanks, supports bracing with portable rig  welder 7018/6010 rods,  repair augers/Grind out welds/General clean up & prep metal for fab also fab for next season


Certi. welder & some fab

R.C. Rebuilders & Fabricators

Weld tanks, parts, shaker pans, ramps with flux core 1/16 to 0.045 wire, Pipe welds 0.045, Air/hydraulic tanks 0.045, MIG, Thermal­core /ARC /MIG machine welding on large spools for paper mills,  Shearing all metals/grind welds, smoothing, torched cut out  

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