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To apply and expand my experience with online Multimedia, Graphic Arts Design, and Internet/Intranetdevelopment in the areas of Information Technology or Online Multimedia.

Work experience

Oct 2002Present

Freelance Web/New Media Developer


For the past 5 years I have been contracting and freelancing work from simple websites, to database backed websites using HTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, Javascript, C#, Classic asp, SQL2000, SQL2005, Visual Studio .Net and Macromedia Flash. Have worked on projects through different agencies for Dell, AMD, Circuit City and Disney.

Aug 2004Sep 2006

Web Technologist

Commemorative Brands Inc
Worked on SQL updates, database creation, writing stored procedures, generating reports based on SQL data collected from web forms written in C#, web development with C#, classic ASP with VB, Javascript, HTML, and Flash projects. Created a simple XML based content management site for the display of several college brochure style sites, which was eventually tied to a product configuring tool for online purchase of college rings online.
Jul 1999Sep 2002

Web Technologist III

Dell Computers

Responsibilities include maintaining and creating scripts to display XML content on the website using VS.Net and C# and creating in house applications to support different groups at Dell. Other responsibilities include the daily maintenance and administration of rights to the VSS databases, handling the QA builds for our web app’s code base, site administration jobs such as triggering site pushes, rebooting servers and monitoring services on the development servers, .Net server configurations, the initial installation and setup of the WebXM site integrity software and administration rights of that product for the content development and management community.


Contract Web Developer

Dell - Spehrion Contractor

Responsibilities included maintaining and creating html pages for the Relationship Online site.Working with an international team of developers to converting the Dell site to a new look and technology using XML and the Dell proprietary forms of xml, Certified Dell Online Web Developer.

May 1997Feb 1999

Multimedia Programmer

Tes Multimedia
Responsibilities included assisting and mentoring others in the assembly of Macromedia Director presentations, including programming, technical illustrations and technical photo touch-ups. Participation in the large – scale conversion of a magazine from print to award winning electronic media using Adobe Acrobat. Other projects include producing hand drawn – artwork and illustrations for storyboards and line art conversion for future director presentations.

Web Developer


Responsibilities included Web site design and development, HTML authoring, and the daily maintenance of a 2500+ page commercial web site.Other responsibilities included photo touch – ups, design, layout and creation of custom artwork for advertisements, animations, and construction and deployment of site navigation tools.



Setup databases, writing stored procedures and Database management
Developed Ecom sites, and web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio C#.
Adobe Photoshop
Retouching photos, polishing illustrations or removing Castanza from the beach picture.
Adobe Illustrator
Extremely comfortable producing artwork in Illustrator, this is where all of my artwork starts.
I used flash when it first came out as an animation tool to speed up projects I was then building in Director.  I now use Flash as my primary tool for interactive deliverables and develop them using Actionscript heavily to make sure the pieces are easy to update