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I took two semesters of leadership classes underneath Doctor Ken Cramer, an adjunct professor for Central Bible College (now merged with Evangel University). Since then, I have been in several different leadership roles ranging from being a head technician at Lamb Exterminating when I was only 17, to leading a worship team for half a year. I have also participated in volunteer leadership positions within my church for several years and have learned how to motivate, help and correctly handle difficult situations whether interpersonal or technological.
Musician- Guitar
I have participated in my church's worship team for five years and have led worship in our youth group of approximately 60 students for six months.


I am nineteen years old, and live an incredible life. I live on my own, renting a room from a family. I'm pursuing my dream of being a doctor, preferably in pediatric oncology. I'm involved with the local church, and my family has a strong military background. I'm also the first one to pursue a college education outside the military in my immediate family. 

Part Of Me

One month ago I was spending the night with my squad at the Gloucester County Fire Station when my was body jerked from it's sleep by the loud, blaring sound of the Tone. I sat up in anticipation for the information on the call. "Maybe it will be someone who really, really needs us. But I hope nobody is..." The thought cut off as the call came in: "We have a 91 year old bleeding from a laceration in her head." 

The address and other information came through, but we already knew who it was. Mrs. White (Name edited) was a sweet, elderly woman we had picked up the night before because she had fallen and cut her head open. She had been fine when we had left her, though. Chipper and happy, we drove off feeling satisfied with how things went.

Then, I listened through the dispatch in my head again: "Altered Mental Status" and "Combative" had come up. I doubted it. She was so sweet.

We arrived at the nursing home to see several people trying to restrain her. Caron Jowers, our preceptor, immediately began trying to calm her down. I grabbed her right side and Cody, and EMT, grabbed her left. She began spitting, biting, kicking, and scraping at us with her hardened nails. 

Dementia had eaten away at her frail mind, and she cried out for her husband who had died several years before. She cried out for her parents, screaming "Mom! Mom! Help me, they are abusing me!"

The reality of just how far gone she was setting in. I restrained her forearms as gently but firmly as necessary, but her fragile skin began to tear under my hands. I tried to loosen up in tiny increments, but she immediately attacked Caron the moment I did. 

We lifted her and put her on the stretcher while she continued to scream and assail us. By the time we got to the hospital, she had torn open her arms even more and my gloves were covered in her blood.

Once in her hospital bed, the hospital staff was finally able to administer something to calm her down. Her eyes met mine and she looked so completely lost and afraid that tears came to my eyes. "Help me." She said, "Please.".

I blinked away away the tears quickly, knowing it wasn't the time to deal with my emotions. I tried to say good-bye when I was finally able to let her go, but the drugs had rendered her useless.

I never had the time to go visit her before she died. And all I can remember is her eyes meeting mine, and the words "Help me. Please.".

My life has had the reoccurring theme of my desire to help people so in the next ten to fifteen years, I will pursue becoming a doctor and will hopefully work in pediatric oncology. This is the beginning of my journey. I plan to work hard in order to turn my passion into a life-saving set of skills and my desire into my dream job. 


      I have an incredible love for traveling. Before I turned eighteen, I had been to both Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I traveled to the Dominican Republic with an organization called "Hope International Ministries" that offered medical attention to a group of people that would otherwise never receive it. Along with out-of-country trips, I have done a few disaster relief trips across the U.S. In 2012 I teamed up with an organization called "Mercy Chefs" and helped them to make and distribute meals to thousands in Kentucky when one of it's towns was ravaged by several tornadoes. During my time there, I also lent a hand to a group of construction workers called "God's Pit Crew" in building a make-shift elementary school in an abandoned warehouse so that the local children could have a small sense of normalcy amongst the chaos. It was on these trips that I decided I wanted to be able to offer help to people in a practical and tangible way; thus, my dream to be a doctor was born. 

Work experience

Termite Control Technician.

Lamb Exterminating

I became a certified pest control technician in 2012 and spent a year and a half years performing with an excellent company.

Jan 2014Present

EMT-B Pending

Gloucester EMS

I completed the EMT-B course late 2013. I have been running regularly with Gloucester County Squad 1 for a little more than half a year now. My national certification is pending, needing only one more test.



Bethel Bible College

Studied for two semesters to increase my knowledge in theology and my leadership capacity.

Jan 2014May 2014

Associates of Arts and Sciences Pending

Rappahannock Community College


EMT-B (Pending)

Terry McGregor


Brenda Scales

Professional Relationship

Jennifer Murray

Professional advisor 

Kenneth Cramer

Pastor of Lighthouse Worship Center in Gloucester, VA. Life mentor, leadership coach.