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Work experience

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant, Information Worker Virtual Solution Team

SharePoint 2007, VB.Net 2.0, C# 2.0, ASP.Net, Windows Forms, SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSRS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista

Internal Projects:

Guiding Principals

  • Designed and implemented internal mentoring program which takes into account a variety of skill levels, work experience, and geographic locations.

Technical Sales

  • Assisted sales personel with technical sales in a wide variety of in person, telephone based, and webcast based interactions.
  • Created proposals, service orders, and assorted methodology documents for use on sales calls.

Client Projects:

Showtime (CBS subsidiary)

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 design and planning project to create a replacement intranet designed for use by hundreds of employees nationwide.
  • Evaluation of third party software components including CorasWorks Workplace Suite to accomplish custom requirements vs. the functionality available out of the box with Search web parts
  • Interviews with 30 different employees across departments designed to gain an understanding of department portal needs and interdepartmental workflow possibilities

Parkview Hospital Systems

  • Lead project team running a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 project to replace existing intranet based on the IBuySpy portal and currently in use by hundreds of employees across Indiana.
  • Leading an ongoing multiphase project began with design phases, pilot portals, and finally full company-wide rollout reaching over 4000 employees
  • Designed an education initiative with Parkview web development team including formal training, books, websites/blogs, lunch for learning presentations, and developer VMs to be taken home.


  • Designed MOSS 2007 Web Content Management portal system designed to support magazine style publishing of dozens of client themed web portals which help companies prepare their employees for disaster scenarios
  • Created a fully customized layout and overall design which is frequently used as a reference as to the design potential for SharePoint portals in general
  • Created a custom membership and role provider which use SharePoint lists as the back end data store.Subsequently released the code onto CodePlex with the client’s blessing
  • Authored custom web parts and application pages to support double opt-in user creation, custom edit profile screens, and custom login/logout capabilities

Wesleyan School

  • Took over a failing MOSS 2007 project to reform the deliverable and meet client expectations.
  • Educated school’s teaching staff about how to manage their own content, including images and cross-linked content
  • Created some custom Content Query Web Part based web parts to help various school departments expose scheduling data across the site

Graham Field

  • Acted as the project manager keeping track of up to 6 different simultaneous projects with as many as 9 different consultants
  • Worked with SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Reporting Services to redesign commissions application, responsible for paying salespeople
  • Worked with custom Windows Forms application which used BizTalk to integrate to the SysPro ERP system
  • Acted as a SharePoint advisor on a highly successful Performance Point Server project, resulting in a custom menu control design to meet extremely complex business requirements.


  • Wrote custom code to integrate MIIS and SharePoint to automate the integration of custom CRM application and SharePoint extranet access though Active Directory
  • Worked with SSRS to create the company’s most visible external report, delivered to hundreds of external clients every year
Sep 2005Oct 2006

Senior Systems Analyst

Senior Systems Analyst, MIS Department

Visual Basic .NET 2.0, C# 2.0, SQL Server 2000, VB6, Access, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows SharePoint Services, ASP.Net

  • Migrated VB6 and Access 97 applications to VB.Net to improve stability, performance, and add features.
  • Created and maintained several customer facing websites
  • Updated frequently used SQL jobs to improve performance by over 50%.
  • Redesigned internal promotions management system from data model to end user reporting.
  • Influenced and planned Intranet upgrade from custom ASP code to SharePoint 2007 implementation.
  • Continuous daily contact with internal customers as the preferred point of contact to the MIS team
Apr 2001Sep 2005

Software Engineer

MATRA System Inc

Software Engineer, Point of Sale/Customer Team

Visual Basic 6, C++ 6, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000, Windows XP

  • Managed client issues, bug fixes, and releases for several clients in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Helped architect addition of food service features into grocery store retail application, changing the direction of the product.
  • Added significant enhancements to existing suspend and resume feature of POS application, allowing proxy operations and resumption by any operator.
  • Added the concept of seat numbers and consolidated “clean” receipts which were sorted by seat numbers.
  • Provided on-site and 24 hour level 3 technical support to the companies 2 largest American clients including 1000 installed terminal at a single site.
  • Developed store export process/tool which allows for entire stores datasets to be copied from server to server or to be cloned and re-inserted into the same database as a new store.
  • Worked with Microsoft to develop new SQL Server replication strategies to prevent deadlocks and overtaxed republishing systems.
  • Improved speed in kitchen printing application three-fold, allowing customer food orders to be send to kitchen printers and kitchen videos without losing items or arriving disordered
Apr 1998Feb 2001

Software Engineer / Technical Analyst

Radiant Systems Inc

Software Engineer/Technical Analyst

Delphi 3, SQL Server

  • Developed new database tool allowing tested frames, or POS screens, to be copied between databases, using Delphi 3.02. This led to approximately 35% time savings (measured in days/project) for QA testing which in turn let to on-time client deliverables.
  • Added new table service functionality to Lighthouse Admin back office and POS configuration tool. Lighthouse is Radiant Systems’ next generation cross industry POS/Back Office solution; the new table service features allowed Radiant’s entry into a market of over 300,000 fine-dining restaurants in the US alone.
  • Added new reporting functionality to Lighthouse Admin store level back office and POS management system which allows new reports to be added to existing systems in the field with only a minor database change and a new Crystal Report file download.Successfully integrated REMACS and Lighthouse Admin, granting REMACS, the more powerful back office solution the POS control and reporting capabilities of Lighthouse Admin.
  • Resolved dozens of outstanding defects in Lighthouse Admin code using Delphi 3.02
  • Developed a new real-time POS – back office interface to allow Radiant relationship with Williams/Mapco allowing the signing of a $45 million contract.Researched and certified customer provided back office hardware for use with Compu-Touch Back Office, Radiant’s legacy Petroleum/Convenience Store system.
  • Took over development and maintenance of PDI Interface and worked with Amoco and UDS staff onsite in Chicago and San Antonio which generated Radiant an additional $5 million in revenues.
  • Worked as a technical analyst for 17 months, achieving an average of 90% billability in the final 10 months before moving to the non-billable development organization.
May 1997Aug 1997


McKesson Co

Intern, Internal Technology Group

  • Saved IS dept over $200,000 annually by creating database application to track 300 PC’s and 100 people.
  • Created server hardware profiles documentation distributed to regional offices worldwide.
  • Updated Voicemail system and error-checked AT&T automated attendant.
  • Rolled out Phase One of Remoteware backup solution to Windward office.




SharePoint Server MVP