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Aaron Marsh

Talented people are easy to find in this world. It's also easy to find people who are driven and dilligent. It's far more rare to find someone who is both talented AND driven. Throw in some enthusiasm and humility and you're halfway to Matt Malpass.

Jay Harren

Matt has an amazing ability to capture a bands true sound on tape--Whether its a singer songwriter, or an over-ambitious indie-rock band, Matt always seems to get it right in the studio. Definitely the break out producer to look out for.



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I started playing guitar when I was 11 and got in my first band when I was 13. I went on to tour in a bunch of bands and ended up in Inkwell on One Eleven Records. At some point a long the way, after working with a ton of different producers throughout the years while recording in my bands, I thought to myself "Hey, I want to do THAT." So, I started hitting up all the bands I'd toured with and become friends with over the years and started recording them. Bands started telling bands, who told bands, who told other bands, and pretty soon I was slammed with work and it hasn't stopped since. After working out of several different studios around Atlanta for a while I ended up building my own studio and have since worked with some amazingly talented artists like Copeland, Relient K, Lydia, Rookie of the Year...the list could go on. Check out my sample reel to the right and some of my past and current work below. If you're interested in having me work on your record, whether you're an indie band putting out your first demos or a major label artist on your 5th album, don't hesitate to hit me or my manager with an email.

Discograpy- Recent/Select (as of 10/15/08)


  • Tides of Man - Forthcoming LP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Ray Garrison & The Media Says - Forthcoming LP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • The Royal - Forthcoming EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Leaving Araby - Forthcoming EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • It's Like Love - Forthcoming LP (Tragic Hero) (P/E/M)
  • All Get Out - All Get Out (Favorite Gentlemen) (P/E/M)
  • Copeland- You Are My Sunshine (B-sides) (Tooth & Nail) (M)
  • Tuesday's Debut - Forthcoming EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Ellington - Forthcoming EP (SonyBMG Australia) (P/E/M)
  • Death on Two Wheels - Forthcoming LP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Rookie of the Year - Sweet Attention (One Eleven) (P/E/M)
  • XO (includes member of Say Anything) - Forthcoming EP (Hello My Name is Records) (P/E/M)
  • Lydia - Illuminate (Universal Motown) (P/E/M)


  • Dearestazazel - Be Mine (One Eleven) (P/E/M)
  • Ocean Is Theory - Forthcoming EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Goodnight Sleeper - Forthcoming LP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Last Year Portrait - Color & Fade (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Friends for Hire - Dolllars and Sense (IND) (P/E/M)
  • The Rise of Science - Forthcoming LP (IND) (E/M)
  • Devin Lima & The Cadbury Diesel - Mozart Popart (One Eleven) (P/E/M)
  • Damion Suomi - Damion Suomi (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Days Difference - Numbers (Black Dog) (M)
  • Mashlin - Pushing Through the Seasons (One Eleven) (P/E/M)
  • Classic Addict - Demos (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Riverdale - These Beautiful Things (IND) (M)


  • The Lifestyle - Demos (IND) (M)
  • Bonnie Dune - Bonnie Dune EP (IND) (M)
  • Aniston - Forthcoming EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Memoranda - Demos (IND) (Co-P/E/M)
  • The Apprentice - Good Friends Don't Come Easy EP (Future Desintation) (P/E/M)
  • Pasadena - Forthcoming EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Copeland - Eat, Sleep, Repeat (Militia Group) (A-E)
  • Lakes (formerly Watashi Wa) - Lakes (Militia Group) (M)
  • Tenderfoot - Forthcoming EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Ron Irrizarry - Ron Irrizarry (IND) (M)
  • Anchors For Reality - Honesty (Runway) (P/E/M)
  • Fairweather Fan - Truth Prevails EP (Radio Eat Radio) (P/E/M)
  • Fall of Transition - Distractions (EVO/Universal) (M)
  • Rory - We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good (One Eleven) (A-E/M)
  • Inkwell - These Stars Are Monsters (One Eleven) (Co-P/E/M/Co-W)
  • Gasoline Heart - You Know Who You Are (Mono Vs. Stereo) (M)
  • Josh Scoggin (of The Chariot) - Demos (Tooth and Nail) (E/M)
  • Mike Dunn & The Kings of New England - The Edge of America EP (Yellow Rose) (E/M)
  • Blue Collar, Blue Heart - Demos (P/E/M)
  • Rookie of the Year - The Goodnight Moon (One Eleven) (P/E/M)
  • Death Ships - Seeds of Devastation (Co-P/E/M)
  • Vaya - I Am the Caveman (IND) (M)
  • Jason Choi and the Sea - Various tracks(M) from Leave the Night Behind (Team Grizzly)
  • The Love Affair - The Love Affair EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Mishka - The One EP (MER Records) (P/E/M)


  • Anna Becker - Anna Becker (Co-P/E/M/Co-W)
  • Rachel Merchand - The Ashling (Co-P/E/M)
  • The Arrival - Residence Lift EP (IND) (P/E/M)
  • Inkwell - Chaos Reveals Rhyme (Amateur) (P/E/M/Co-W)
  • The Apprentice - American Portrait (Future Destination) (P/E/M)
  • Radio Failure - Radio Failure (IND) (P/E/M)


  • Gas Works - Demos (IND) (P/E/M)
  • El Toro! - May and Marielle (Undecided) (E/M)
  • The Sweet Kisses - King on a Colt (Dim Sum) (P/E/M)


  • Dame - Dame (Winter In July) (P/E/Co-M)
  • Farewell To Fashion - Demos (Future Destination) (E/M)