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Offering 10 years of experience in varied fields of media and technology, maintaining full responsibility for developing, managing and delivering, on time and on budget, small to complex media and online projects. Broad track record in media and online, from executive studio work building a new media production studio, original development slate, and online distribution platform, to entrepreneurial ventures on independent feature film projects, managing television and film crews on location, bringing graphic, video, and web assets together in post production, promoting content through websites, festivals, and social media, and pitching and working with agencies and brands in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Rare blend of creative, business, and technical knowledge across multiple fields; with innate creative problem solving abilities, strong communication and organization skills, and experience working between departments and on cross discipline teams.

Specialties: Creative and Business Development, Convergence of Traditional and New Media, Budgeting and Projections, Profit and Loss, Contract Negotiation, Integrating and Streamlining Workflow, Online Operations and Performance, Live Action Production and Post Production, Social Media and Community, Application and Widgets, Team Motivation and Leading, Unconventional Thinking.

Work experience


Executive Producer

@Boy Production

Currently in development on feature film and web television projects, research and development on a social media technology startup, and consulting on fundraising and media campaigns for nonprofits.


Consulting Producer


Currently working with HOPR, a collective of young, brilliant, and passionate VFX creatives based in NYC.  Some of their past work includes animated interstitial scenes, the backstory movies, for Dante’s Inferno, the new 9 circles of hell video game coming out from EA and Visceral Games, title work on the movie Perfect Stranger, and an animated series for the Superbad Blueray DVD.  Check the site to see more.


Commercial Real Estate Investor

A Boy Production

Currently in the R/D phase of starting a commercial real estate investment company, focusing only on multifamily and storage (no retail/office, etc for now). The business will operate like an investment fund, with a PPM offering to raise private money which will be used to invest in select national markets. The portfolio of properties will be half buy and hold for cash flow, and half sell for appreciation and added value profit.


Executive Producer (Development, Production, Online)

Sony Pictures Entertainment (Crackle)

Senior Director level reporting to SVP of Programming brought on after Sony acquired technology startup Grouper and implemented the following in converting P2P software to Crackle, an online distribution platform:

- Build a fully functional content delivery network with video hosting, streaming, analytics, digital player, ad network, and platform agnostic distribution architecture to be used to monetize Sony library as well as sell as a white label service to brands.

- Build the distribution platform and online brand to monetize Sony library, build digital production studio to develop, produce, market, and distribute original short-format digital content, and create editorialized content verticals that mixed professional with user generated video.

- Integrate the content programming and delivery network technology into internet enabled devices being manufactured by hardware division in Japan.


Hiring: Stakeholder on hiring decisions for Development team, Digital Studio staff, Production Accountant, and Production staff.

Digital Distribution Platform: Worked with the technical team to build and implement CMS and pipeline that handled assets from final delivery to digital distribution, including digitization, naming and archive procedures, acquisition and delivery resolutions, web and mobile formats, compression, scheduling, metadata, ancillary materials, marketing assets, etc.

Business Development, Legal, Accounting: Worked on the business and buyer side with separate silos in Studio to identify strategic relationships and source opportunities, and refine digital studio procedures around production, licensing, and acquisition.A major undertaking that included negotiating both externally and internally on distribution deal points, revenue shares, acquisition and licensing, production services, legal requirements, contract changes and review,corporate vs. production accounting, budget forecasts and tracking, etc.

Digital Studio: Oversaw and designed the creation of a digital studio, equipment, and post production house capable of internal production and working with outside production partners.Worked with team to setup production packages for local and location crews (up to 20 at a time), construct a greenscreen and soundproof stage with lights, and build an edit facility to manage assets and handle post production.Tasked Accounting and Legal to create and implement processes from scratch, including production service agreements, talent and crew agreements, chart of accounts, insurance, production and deliverable procedures, shooting/editing guides, vendor agreements, etc.Managed production budgets of many small productions, licenses/acquisitions, and negative pickups with a multi-million dollar yearly expenditure in the aggregate.

Programming and Development: Stakeholder in creation and member of development team tasked with originating production and acquisition ideas, managing creative, and shepherding projects.Also worked with Programming to create and refine strategy and help the service move from the chaos of user generated video towards editorialized content verticals, premium channels, library film and television properties, and acquired and produced professional shows.

Marketing and Advertising: Stakeholder in implementing internal trafficking of ad insertions from outside ad network vendor based on location, genre, and pattern.Tasked internal and external designers on content specific marketing campaigns.Pitched and delivered digital marketing assets around Film and Television new releases.

Development: Commuting from SF to LA as member of a merged development team tasked with originating production and acquisition ideas for Production and Distribution and subsequent DVD release and managing creative during development and production.

Studio Production: Leading Studio Production to implement digital Studio processes and templates into existing massive studio procedures across new departments.

Studio Accounting: working with Studio Accounting to merge digital Studio production accounting into studio production accounting, requisitioning dedicated staff and creating a digital chart of accounts and implementing across new productions and acquisitions to maximize efficiency and agility.

Studio Legal: working with Studio Legal teams on merging and implementing digital Studio talent, distribution, and production agreements and templates into existing or new templates, with a focus on creating new production entities to handle digital union shows (WGA, WGA/DGA, non-union, etc.), and dealing with music/digital related legal issues.


Film, Television, Commercial, Web, Interactive Producer


Freelance producer and new media consultant with a broad and varied career in film, television, web, commercial, and interactive projects in SF, NYC, and LA.Experience includes: large and small live action projects, editorial, graphics, and animation post production, interactive development and production, social media community and promotion, resolving multi-discipline direction and workflow, executing creative briefs from agency and direct to client, pitching RFP’s to agency and direct to client, creative development and financing, website and widget development, studio and independent production management, social media startup consulting, and flash based interactive training game production.


'On the Road With Judas' Producer at All Day Buffet (2006) (Sundance Dramatic Competition)

Commercial Producer at All Day Buffet (2004 – ‘06)

"The Evidence' TV Pilot Production at Warner Bros. (2005)

'Darwin Awards' Feature Film Production at Darwin Awards (2004 – ‘05) (Sundance Dramatic Competition)

'Seven Fallen Objects' Feature Film Producer at Bluerain Films (2004)

Producer at Tim Fink Events and Media (2002 – ‘04)

Web and Interactive Producer at Ninthhouse (1999 – ‘02)

Crackle Samples

On the Road With Judas

Darwin Awards