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I am a professional web developer, system administrator and network administrator with over a decade of real-world experience.  I began my career at a small mom-n-pop Internet Service Provider where I created a scheduling system for community classes, designed the corporate web site, wrote various backend scripts to automate daily procedures, managed domain hosting, and created a PHP front end for a Perl-based billing system.  I have also created, by hand and from scratch, a social networking site.  I am well versed in most major web development technologies including PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL and Ajax. 

I began my college career as a photojournalism major, briefly wrote a music column for a newspaper and I also have several years experience creating and editing videos with Adobe Premiere.  I am currently the primary web designer and system administrator for The Plus Company.  During my time at The Plus Company, I’ve revamped their primary product (SeDaTE), created a contact management utility, and integrated third party open-source products like PHPBB and PHPList.  I accomplished all this while completing my bachelor degree in Information Technology at Franklin University.  I also received two years of Cisco Academy network management training at Hocking College. 

I prefer to work with the LAMP web development stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), but have experience working with Microsoft and Oracle products. I am confident that I possess the necessary skills to handle your web development, system administration and video editing needs. My past experience has shown me that I have the ability to quickly learn any new skills as they are needed.


My goal is to attain an entry level or management level position in either the Information Technology or Web Development fields. For over a decade, I have amassed real-world experience in both of these fields while working for small, entrepreneurial companies.  I desire nothing less than the opportunity to improve my skillset in a challenging job while making a lot of money for my employer and for myself.   It is time for me to leverage my experience to its fullest so that I may support my wife and future family.

Work experience

Feb 2008Present

Web Developer / Systems Administrator

The Plus Company

I am currently the primary web developer and system administrator for SeDaTE, an online moderate sedation training course created by the Plus Company and the North Shore – Long Island Jewish Health System.  The course  has been used to grant privileges for moderate sedation for over 10,000 health care professionals.

My current duties at The Plus Company:

  • Adding new domains to the company's co-located server to host new clients.
  • Continuously updating the PHP, HTML, and MySQL used by the SeDaTE online training course.
  • Making custom alterations to the product's PHP code and MySQL database to accommodate the needs of clients.
  • Creating new PHP/MySQL scripts to automate common tasks
  • Creating new graphics using Adobe Photoshop
  • Creating new email accounts
  • Answering customer calls and emails.

I have accomplished many things while working at The Plus Company:

  • Completely re-vamped SeDaTE's PHP, MySQL and HTML.
  • Added new technologies to the default SeDaTE template such as Flash and Ajax.
  • Incorporated PayPal payment into a version of SeDaTE used by a reseller.
  • Integrated a pre-existing user database into a PHPBB bulletin board so that members who create an account at the parent site automatically have an account on the bulletin board, thus eliminating the need to create the account twice.
Jun 2009Present

Lead Web Developer


I was originally hired as a PHP developer by Infohall in order to revamp their Washington, DC bulletin board.  Soon after I was made lead PHP developer in charge of a small development team consisting of two other programmers and a graphic designer.

My current duties at Infohall include:

  • Planning the future development of their websites.
  • Hiring and managing a development team.
  • Hosting weekly online meetings with my department and my superiors.
  • Creating and maintaining coding standards.
  • Developing new scripts that utilize PHP, Javascript, Ajax, and MySQL

Infohall was founded in the 1990's during the dot-com boom.  They were early adopters of many new technologies.  Unfortunately, they lacked strong project management and documented almost nothing. As a result, years of orphaned scripts, mystery databases, and redundant code piled up.

Since I've been made project manager, I've made it my goal to streamline and organize Infohall.

  • We've begun the process of folding all of DC Pages' various independent and sometimes conflicting PHP scripts into a single instance of the CodeIgniter development platform. 
  • I moved the site's code into a Subversion repository.
  • Created and enforced coding guidelines for all programmers.
  • Began documenting existing code via Javadoc blocks and phpDocumentor.

The goal is to dramatically streamline the development process and eventually potentially sell or franchise the software developed for Infohall to other communities.


Customer Service Representative

FrogNet, Inc

I was a customer service representative at FrogNet, a small Internet Service Provider.  I provided technical support for customers with dialup, DSL, billing, email, and domain issues.  After the dot-com bubble bursted, FrogNet needed to downsize.  I was one of a handful of employees retained by FrogNet during this transition due to my unique skill set and positive work history.

Jun 1998Jun 2003

Domain Manager

FrogNet, Inc

My primary duty at FrogNet during this time period was to serve as a contact point for customers that hosted virtual domains on FrogNet's web servers. My daily duties included:

  • Creating new virtual domains on a Linux box using the Apache web server
  • Creating new DNS records using BIND and TinyDNS
  • Creating new email accounts
  • Creating new MySQL databases
  • Walking customers through the steps required to purchase or transfer a domain name
  • Helping customers install their own PHP and PERL scripts

I also did quite a bit of coding for FrogNet using PHP, Perl, MySQL, Shell Scripts, MSSQL, and Microsoft Access.

  • I was the primary web designer and maintainer of the company web site.
  • I created several web sites for FrogNet customers including an e-commerce solution that pre-dated nearly all available open-source e-commerce solutions available today.
  • Created a PHP front end for a Perl-based billing system API used by resellers to create, manage, delete, and bill dialup accounts.
  • Created a scheduling and signup system for community classes hosted by FrogNet.
  • Several one-off scripts designed to mine financial data from our MSSQL billing system.
  • Created several internal portals used to automate and simplify everyday tasks for customer service representatives and management.F

When I joined FrogNet, there were only six employees.  It was a small company enjoying the tail end of the dot-com boom.  I watched the company grow to nearly 30 employees.  During this time, I gained a firm foundation in programing and networking skills.  My experience at FrogNet was a trial by fire has shown me that I have the ability to learn new technologies and adapt old ones to meet the needs of my customers and superiors.


Sep 2004Sep 2006

Associate of Applied Science



Anthony Karolis

“Matthew is a very skilled and creative web developer. Not only is he very competitive rate wise, but his technical competancy is rated very highly for the amount he charges. Matthew was able to understand my tender request and unlike the dozens of other applicatants, responded to my questions with precision, which converted into a great result for me. I have already approached Matthew to work on my next project without putting it to tender, and highly recommend him. His skills include PHP/MySQL, XHTML, CSS, and the ability to think outside the box.”

Tom Powell

“Matthew has a preternatural ability to design, develop and maintain web sites and the servers that host them. As the Domain Manager at FrogNet he was charged with overseeing all operations related to hosting, including software patches and upgrades and dealing with tier two technical support issues. Matthew is also a very skilled programmer. Among the many projects he's worked on was a complete re-implementation of a proprietary billing system, with added functionality. He's a very capable and valuable addition to any network operations team.” 

Tim Farmer

Matt and I worked in different departments at Frognet, a premiere Internet service provider located in Athens, Ohio. Fresh out of college, I was breaking into a new career when I started working with Matt. I depended on Matt as a reliable and willing source of information to supplement my training. Matt is technically knowledgable as well as modest and communicative; two traits I have come to admire in employees and coworkers.