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 Matthew has worn many hats from composer to businessman to graphic designer. As a composer Matthew has been playing the piano and composing since the age of 14. After graduating from audio engineering school Pyramind, in San Francisco, Matthew moved to L.A. where within months he mixed for multi-platinum producer Barry Fasman, worked as an A&R rep, and writes the music for the TV show "What Are We Eating Today?".

Currently Matthew lives in Cary, N.C. where he owns goodie bag manufacturing company Puffs Party Bags. He's also the Director of Marketing for 9Inch Marketing.  


Work experience

Aug 2007Present


Puffs Party Bags

Puffs Party Bags creates party goodie bags for all occasions. Each bag is hand assembled out of our home in NC. We set out to make a goodie bag that has both better quality products and a different look from your traditional cellophane wrapped party favors. We hope you enjoy our bags as much as we do!

Jan 2013Present

Director of Marketing

9Inch Marketing

The average distance between the brain and the heart is 23 centimeters. It represents the longest and hardest nine inches in marketing. Winning hearts and helping you make that journey is our mantra.

We create brand advocates. We'll help you build programs that enhance both employee and customer experience. Using our proprietary approach to create custom solutions suited to your needs and objectives.

We're passionate about helping businesses become talkable by design. Implementing programs that drive differentiation, increase satisfaction / retention, build culture and promote positive word of mouth.
May 20112012

A&R/Business Consultant

PG Records

When PG Records was formed the label was created solely out of the love for music. Since then, the label has made a company that is for the artists to create and share with the world their emotions and life stories through lyrics and melodies. PGR is a space where all genres of musicians can come in and express their version of what they feel to the world and ultimately capture their audience through the music they create.

“Music is Life. That’s what we live, breathe, eat, think, everything…just music! Music is an everyday thing for us. We live a life of music.” The Company as a whole understands the impact of music on all individuals across the world through expression and that is why they are so driven on giving musicians a comfortable space to create.

The recording studio provides a musical cave for the artists to immerse themselves in and revolutionize their music. Artists are given a creative zone that no one can take away from them; a creative zone where their energy and creativity thrives and becomes a product ready to be shared with the world. PGR gives the artist the ability to get the creativity flowing in a comfortable environment in order to create great music, a loyal fan base, and to sell units. PGR prides itself in making sure that the whole production process of the music, from the recording, mixing, and mastering, is nothing less than incredible.

Many resources are offered at PGR, including a full recording studio, distribution, marketing, and booking services, managers and publicists on reserve, photo/music video venues, as well as a dance studio/rehearsal space on the premises.

May 20112012


Four Capture Media

What Are We Eating Today? is a brand new show with a brand new taste.

Ever wonder what the best places to eat are? Whether you’re a foodie or someone who’s just beginning. This is the show for you! What Are We Eating Today? features some of the most amazing hidden gems. Host Caitlin Thompson and Judith Jones will give you an in depth tour and taste of the most marvelous eateries.


Apr 2010Dec 2010



Pyramind is a thriving audio production company.

Music Producers recognize that training with working producers is ESSENTIAL to developing your music production craft. Everyday, our staff and instructors are producing music for themselves, their clients or ours. With instructors like YouTube Guru David Earl (SFLogicNinja), CSI composer and sound designer Brian Trifon (, G.A.N.G award winning Chief engineer Steve Heithecker and many many more, you're guaranteed to learn the right way to finish your tracks to the highest standards possible.

ONLY Pyramind produces for clients professionally while offering professional music production training. We work with AAA video game clients such as Sega, 2K Games, LucasArts, Sony PlayStation, and other major studios producing the scores, voiceover, and sound design for blockbuster games like "HALO:WayPoint", "Iron Man 2", "BioShock 2" and dozens more.



Graphic design
While I have no formal training in graphic design, I do enjoy it! Here is a book cover I did.
Audio Engineering
I have experience both as a student and as a profesional in many aspects of engineering such as:   Recording Mixing Mastering Sound Design/ Synthesis  ADR (Dubbing) Record Producing    
Music Composition


Nov 2010Present

Logic Pro 9

Apple Computer Inc.
Nov 2010Present


Waves Audio Ltd.