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California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, East Bay California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Northern California Association for Play Therapy, Association of Family Therapists of Northern California, American Psychological Association, EMDR International Association

About Me

Pursing an accomplished career, Matt Lindgren prepared for his role as Chief Executive Officer of Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc., in Oakland, California, with an extensive education. After graduating with a B.A. in English, he earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the New College of California in 2005. During his time as a graduate student, Matt Lindgren studied the use of psychotherapy as a means of social change. During that time, Mr. Lindgren began working at the New College Community Counseling Center and at Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School, where he served the mental health needs of low-income families, adults, and children, many of whom were from Latino and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) backgrounds. After earning his Master’s degree, Matt Lindgren traveled to Nicaragua, where he spent several months working at the Las Tias nonprofit organization, carrying out therapy and diagnostic interviews with street children who were considered at risk. Mr. Lindgren also worked at Golden Gate Counseling in San Francisco, providing anger management therapy and counseling to court-mandated clients. Matthew Lindgren also served as a Counselor at the Anthropos Counseling Center in Livermore, where he provided somatic experiencing interventions and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) to couples, adults, and children. He also served as an Intern at ABC Family Solutions, training in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Most recently, he worked as a Trauma and EMDR Specialist at Impulse Treatment Center and as a Grant and Business Development Manager at Centro Latino de San Francisco, a community-based care center that helps low-income seniors. Today, Matthew Lindgren helps a broad array of clients, ranging from separated couples to children in foster care, incest and abuse survivors, rape and stalking survivors, and domestic violence survivors. Matthew Lindgren applies his expertise in somatic experiencing, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, non-directed play therapy, couples therapy, meditation, and child-centered family therapy. Although he possesses broad educational training and experience, Matt Lindgren may be an especially helpful resource for couples, who make up nearly half of his clients. With these clients, Matt Lindgren works through issues by drawing deeply from systems theory and the work of Sue Johnson and John Gottman. In addition, he teaches vicarious trauma to clinicians and gives guest lectures to individual classes and clinical training programs at the University of California, Berkeley and JFK University.

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Work experience

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren
Feel Better - with Therapy in Oakland

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren helps couples save their relationships, people recover from depression and anxiety, and children and families grow and heal - in Oakland.‎

Mar 2009Present

Clinician & CEO

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc.

Matt Lindgren, MFT

In addition to serving as CEO, Matthew Lindgren provides clinical services at Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc.

Matthew Lindgren has extensive training in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and attachment related disorders in both children and adults, as well as in family and couples therapy. Matthew Lindgren works with adults, children, adolescents and families. Matt Lindgren works with domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, homicide, robbery, and other violent crime victims.

Matthew Lindgren's clinical work is informed by his eclectic training in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including: EMDR, CBT, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, and play therapy.

Matthew Lindgren attempts to teach mindfulness practices or use interventions - such as EMDR - that involve dual-awareness in some form, with all his clients. Matt Lindgren believes quite strongly that the most effective therapeutic interventions involve the development of a felt sense. Matthew Lindgren believes in strength-based interventions that help clients master difficult material through positive affect tolerance.

Matthew Lindgren maintains a private practice in Oakland that focuses on couples therapy, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and social anxiety.

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Oct 2009May 2010

Trauma and EMDR Specialist

Impulse Treatment Center
Oct 2009Mar 2010

Grant & Business Development Manager

Centro Latino de San Francisco
Aug 2006Dec 2009

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

ABC Family Solutions
Mar 2006Jul 2007

MFT Intern

Anthropos Counseling Center
Jan 2006Mar 2007

Transportation Manager & Fund Developer

Centro Latino de San Francisco
Jan 2006Jan 2007

MFT Intern

Golden Gate Counseling
Sep 2005Dec 2005

Psychotherapy Consultant

Las Tias
Sep 2004Jul 2005

MFT Trainee

New College of California Community Counseling Center
Dec 1998May 2003

Technical Writer / Demo Engineer

Ariba Inc.


Sep 2003Jul 2005


New College of California
Sep 1989Jul 1995


Minnesota State University