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To utilize my experience, academic understanding, and creative vision towork as a contributing member of a marketing team to provide groundbreaking marketing and communications strategies to not only reach the audience, but continue to grow the brand through memorable and innovative campaigns.


I am a graduate of Elizabethtown College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing.  In my time studying marketing at Elizabethtown I followed the available electives and course curriculum to the highest level, even completing an independent research content analysis study of print sources covering media consolidation issues.  I compiled this research and presented the findings, entitled “A Little Perspective, Please?  Business Voice versus Consumer Choice" at the Elizabethtown College alumni conference.  Coupled with extensive work in creating and implementing survey instruments, online marketing strategies, and brand management I excelled throughout my marketing coursework so much so that I was the proud recipient of the Marketing Student of the Year award in 2009. I believe Scott Stratten, author of the recently published “UnMarketing” said it best “…if you believe business is built on relationships, then why not make building relationships your business?" I truly take this notion to heart and it represents the epitome of what I hope to achieve as a marketing professional.  Through my employment at T. Rowe Price, Advanced Radiology and the Continuing Education Department at Elizabethtown College, I’ve worked in the capacity of a customer service/ marketing representative and office assistant for over four years.  At each of my previous places of employment I was directly in charge of several crucial business functions, excelling at time management and organizational structure as well as written and verbal communication.  I have extensive experience in database maintenance and demographic research that lead to a successful response rate to direct mail campaigns.  In addition to my resume, I have several recommendations available on my LinkedIn profile (please follow the link above.) Every interaction is a chance to add value and build the brand.  With that notion in mind, I am dedicated to understanding and engaging the audience and utilizing this knowledge to build quality, lasting relationships to foster growth and continued success.Please contact me at [email protected]

Work experience

Oct 2009Sep 2010

Retail Investment Services

T.Rowe Price

Emphasis on providing outstanding telephone services to shareholders by accurately fulfilling service requests, processing unsolicited sales/ purchase orders, introducing new services, and provide appropriate sales leads to the Investment Guidance Group.

Jan 2007May 2009

CCEDL Office Assistant

Emphasis on PR and facilitator assistance to optimize student success and ensure the value proposition put forth by the College of Continuing Education and Distance Learning.  Secondary roles included demographic and psychographic research and directed mailings to boroughs for the launch of our new site in York, PA.

Jun 2004Dec 2005

Radiologist Assistant

Advanced Radiology

Emphasis on professional interaction with patients and Radiologists to provide an organized and secure path for medical information.


Aug 2005May 2009


Elizabethtown College

Marketing Student of the Year  Elizabethtown College Department of Business, 2009

Awarded to a marketing student who excelled in Marketing Management as voted by the faculty.

Student PresenteElizabethtown College Student Conference in Business and Economics, 2009

"A Little Perspective, Please? Business Voice vs. Consumer Choice: A Media Consolidation Study"


Written Communication
It was my career goal as a child to grow up and be an author.  While my aspirations have taken me in a different direction, I have remained a diligent student of language, and as such, take great pride in my ability to craft pinpoint and meaningful text.  I have an academic background in peer to peer proofreading and lit. review, creating a service in college where students could email an anonymous account and have their work grammar reviewed and critiqued.  The service was met with resounding success, and I even had to recruit help when the volumes got to be as many as 35+ new documents each morning.        
My academic curriculum at Elizabethtown College allowed me to work as a member of a team frequently.  I'm a firm believer in the adage "together everyone achieves more".  Even the 'best' ideas can be refined through group discussion and a diversity of views.  Effective teamwork happens when members can speak freely and critically, with this in mind, I've always tried to avoid the pitfalls of group-think and accepting a solution because it's popular.     
Early Trend Recognition and Understanding
In the fields of social media, marketing, technology, etc, an early recognition and understanding of trends in the market is crucial to maximizing effectiveness for the business.  I've studied extensively current events, developing legislation, emerging technologies, key industry professionals, free thinkers, and other beneficial sources of information to stay up to date on potential opportunities and new ideas. 
Time Management
In my personal and professional life, I've benefited greatly from the ability to multitask.  A challenging level of coursework coupled with several years of professional experience, both in the higher education and medical office environments, has taught me priority queuing as a tool to minimize time spent while maximizing task output quality.
Public Speaking
From PowerPoint presentations to speeches, group meetings to conferences, I've always enjoyed to get in front of people.  To be a great public speaker you need confidence not only in the material you're presenting, but more importantly, confidence in yourself.    Similarly, my most recent position at T. Rowe Price has put me on the front lines in terms of client interaction, and I consistently rank high in the 'talk time' and 'voiceline' metrics.  Respectively, these metrics indicate our overall call length and adherence to the call schedule.  I've always been described as a 'natural' when it comes to client/ professional interactions, and take a great deal of pride in my ability to meet every occasion with the proper level of preparation, confidence, and professionalism.