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Community Service-

Summer School Assistance - Last summer I volunteered to assist my schools Pre-AP World History teacher, Mr. Troi’s, introductory class. I enjoyed helping the incoming Freshmen get a basic understanding of what the class would be like and how it is different from middle school. I was a great experience and inspired me to join our school’s “Link Crew” this year, so I could help Freshmen even more. I plan to help Mr. Troi again this summer too.

Summer Job - Although it may not be volunteer work, I am extremely interested in finding some sort of work to do over this summer.


Computers - I immensely enjoy working with computer, whether it be my own or my friends, I love everything about them. I enjoy playing games on my desktop at home, the desktop that my Dad and I built together. I also enjoy helping people solve their problems that they are having with their computer, because I think technology is great. My love for computers is what inspired me to take digital arts in high school, it being one of my favorite classes.

Work experience

Link Crew



Sep 2011Present

Valhalla High School

GPA - 4.1

Class Rank:

SAT Score: 1750

ACT Score: N/A

Academic Schedule

12th Grade

AP Literature, AP Government/Economics, AP Calculus, Culinary Arts.

11th Grade

AP Language and Composition, AP U.S. History, Honors Pre-Calculus, College-Prep Physiology, Digital Arts.

10th Grade

Honors English, AP World History, Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Spanish 5/6, Weight Training.

9th Grade

Honors English, Pre-AP World History, Honors Geometry, Biology, Spanish 3/4, P.E.

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