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Work experience

Feb 2013Oct 2014

Verizon Store Manager

Wired Cellular

This is the Job I'm most proud of. I got started with this company when I went in one day to get a new upgrade on my cell phone plan. I found that a friend of mine was working there and we got to talking. They were looking for another person and he recommended me to there manager. I started out as a regular sales rep and did that for about eight month's when we found out that are old manager was leaving. Of course my friend was the first on the list for managers position but he turned them down because he was getting ready for college. I was his second choice, and I was ecstatic! They sent me to a sales training course called "Earn the Right". I was taught some useful sales tips and I got to learn how to be a store manager. All the rest of that year went really smoothly and we did really well!

I myself stepped down only recently so I could pursue my own dreams of travelling. I'd lived in North Dakota, in the same town all my life and have only recently met my financial goals for traveling. I'd like to settle here in Texas where its warm and have a lot more to do. Loving it so far!

Feb 2012Oct 2012

TV Technician


I worked for a small, local company fixing Televisions. The company sold mostly LG and Samsung TV's. I got to learn how to use corporate diagnostic tools to do tests on components of the TV's. Mostly that part of the job included determining whether a piece was still viable, and whether or not to replace or fix specific circuit boards there in. I also assisted customers in installing there televisions and surround sounds. We'd go to customers home's and get there whole entertainment system set up.

I regret not being able to stay at this job. Would have kept at it but I got laid off. There just wasn't enough work of this type to keep me busy in the area

Mar 2011Dec 2011

Sales Assistant


My main duties were to load and unload items received in the wear house, then stock them onto the shelves. I also assisted customers looking for certain products and answer any questions they might have. Another dutie was delivery to oil field industry companies such as Halliburton and Schlumberger. I would keep there Fastenal bay's filled and deliver specific items when requested.

It was a good job but I didn't particularly enjoy working in a wear house around all those chemicals. Also delivery was kinda a hassle some times so I decided to leave to pursue other things.


Jan 2006May 2010

High School Diploma

Williston High School

Just a general High school Education. No outstanding academic achievements.

My strongest subjects were English and social studies. I was also involved in a few sports activities including football and wrestling. Wrestling is a big sport in Williston. Some of my favorite memories are of my English and Science fiction teacher Bill Sikes. He had a great sense of humor and pushed me to do my best (even if i didn't always listen).


My mane objective is to attain life long skills so I can support myself comfortably and happily. I'm seeking a career that will help me to further my own education as well as reach financial goals. I want to create relationships, and build up a lasting network of communication between myself and others. I'm looking to work with people who have integrity, who are honest, responsible, and trustworthy. I want myself to reflect those traits. I want a position that will keep me motivated and focused on what is important.


Joshua Broderick (Assistant Manager)


Chelsea Jenkins (co-worker)



Sales Experience
All my job positions up to this point, with the exception of my very first job bagging groceries have involved sales atleast at some level. At fastenal I learned that sometimes you have to learn about your products and the best way to do that is to figure out what interesting in a particular field even if its not obvious. With Ekblads I learned that sometimes going out of your way for a customer is uncomfortable, but usually worth it. With my Verizon Job I really honed my sales skill. I really learned the best way to get the customer to trust u is to be there friend. The more they trust you, the more inclined they are towards suggestion, which leads to better sales! I learned to be more efficient also. The more customers you have in a shop, the less time you have to focus on specific ones. The trick is knowing how to balance friendliness and professionalism. I think I really gleaned a lot from that one
I woudn't win a worlds strongest man competition. That being said I am very physically fit and active. Exercise is extremely important to me and I keep a regular fitness routine that includes running and lifting atleast 4 times a weak. I have a fairly good diet but it should be noted that I'm somewhat of a vegetarian. I still eat cheese and eggs though.
General Computer Skills
I wouldn't call myself a software engineer, but any general computer task is something I can usually do. I'm a wizard with excel and a MS word Masta! I'm also quite proficient at Adobe Photo shop as well as a few other Image processing programs. I have a lot of general knowledge about computer hardware and a good understanding of how to build machines. I'm not an expert but I could certainly install a wireless printer or create a new network profile.

About me

I was born in Williston, North Dakota on November 8th 1991. I am 23 years old, and have only recently moved to Fort Worth after having lived in North Dakota my whole life. I have two brothers, a sister, and my mom and dad who I love dearly. I'm currently living at 9500 Trinity Blvd. in the Trinity Bell Gardens Apartent Complex with my older brother. I have a valid drivers licence as well as US citizenship and documentation. I have a vehicle, which is a 2013 Red Chevy Cruze with under 5000 miles. I enjoy art and reading as my primary hobbies, as well as weight lifting being my second favorite thing to do. I love anything to do with technology, especially smartphones and computers. I'm working every day to make my self more productive and be a better student, which is a weak area of mine. I use checklists and my agenda for all my scheduling. I'm trying to set goals and keep on top of things every day.