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Matthew Kapp

  • Cape Town Area, South Africa, ZA
  • +27 79 486 1385

Student at University of Stellenbosch



Matriculated at Edgemead High School

Obtained "A" averages in Geography, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Life Orientation. I received a Canterbury cross, our school's highest recognition for academic achievement. 

I was a prefect and played team tennis, hockey and soccer


BEng Mechanical Engineering

Stellenbosch University

Final year project: The Design of an Induced-Draft Fan for a stick-wood furnace.

My supervisor, who lives in a farming area, saw how agricultural waste, such as dead orchards and vineyards is burnt on a large scale. He therefore built a Hill stick-wood furnace to generate energy from this waste. The efficient functioning of the furnace relies on an induce-draft fan, which I am designing and making.

Work History

Nov 2015Dec 2015

Vacation work

Thermodynamics and Fluids Design (TFD)
  • Refurbished Small-scale Gasifier
  • Developed concept of Auger Pyrolysis System
Jun 2015Jul 2015

Vacation work

Metric Engineering
  • Made and tested venturi suction device
  • Started making pool fence
  • Assisted with making of safety cage for farm workers
  • Observed manufacturing of different products using various manufacturing methods
Jul 2014Jul 2014

Vacation work

Volkswagen Group SA
  • Helped build Driver Assessment System
  • Played with programmable logic controller (plc)
  • Programmed model assembly line
Jun 2014Jun 2014

Vacation work

Grey Green Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • AutoCad drawings
  • Extracting data from CAD drawings into Excel
  • Lux measurements
  • Creating Excel spreadsheet for energy consumption analysis

Volunteer Experience

Apr 2016Present

Hospital visits

Shofar Christian Church

We go to the local provincial hospital, where we visit patients, talk to them and pray for them if requested.

Feb 2015Present


Dagbreek Community interaction

We go to a school / community centre on  a weekend, where we help the kids with their academics and play with them.

Jul 2015Nov 2015


Legacy Centre Kayamandi

Kids go to this centre to play soccer and do their homework. I helped them by teaching them concepts they needed to understand.

Organisational Experience

Apr 2016Jul 2016

Church mission to Zimbabwe

Shofar Christian Church
  • Helped organise a mission trip to Zimbabwe
  • Responsible for organizing transport
  • Ensure smooth border crossing 
Jun 2014Jul 2014

Longboard ramp event organiser

Lockdown weekend committee (at res)
  • An annual activity at our residence is to pull someone on a longboard behind a motorbike. The longboarder then rides the ramp.
  • I led the building of the ramp and ensured that the longboarders and spectators were  safe
  • I helped organise this event.

Other Useful Things

  • I am currently assembling a 3D printer (Prusa i3)
  • I have taught myself most of the programming languages needed to make database-driven websites i.e. HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • I have taught myself SCAD, a programming language that creates CAD files.