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Matthew Greenwell

Organizational Communications Specialist, Photographer, Videographer


 In today's complex and evolving workplace, communication and awareness of cultural differences can help any organization draw upon the strengths of its diverse members to achieve optimum performance. Understanding the concepts of interpersonal and organizational communication, plus my knowledge of digital production, gives me the means to design and distribute effective media campaigns or promotional materials both within and outside of an organization. As an organizational communication specialist with a background in media I feel qualified to tackle a variety of tasks that could help an organization to better represent and understand it's employees,  it's customers, it's culture, and it's role in the world.


Cultural Awareness

Understanding cultural differences on a macro and micro scale helps in maintaining relationships with clientele and the community. A Culturally aware workplace leads to a feeling of inclusiveness  among employees that in turn leads to  higher productivity and performance.

Research experience

Knowledge of the qualitative and quantitative research methods gives me the tools to explore customer/employee experiences and develop a deeper understanding of people and issues through application of proven communication theories.

Interpersonal skills

Having a strong understanding of the theories of Interpersonal communication allow me to work effectively with a wide variety of people and handle conflict productively. 

Written and oral communication

As a communication specialist I possess excellent written and oral communication skills  allowing me to communicate effectively in various  contexts. 

Technological competency

I have experience with windows operating systems, as well as disciplined file management and organization skills. I am able to troubleshoot most common technical  issues.

Media talents

Proficient in use of Windows OS, Microsoft word, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Final cut pro,  Acid Pro, FL studio, Cubase, and Ableton Live.

Critical Thinking skills

Gathering information, evaluating different perspectives, and analyzing possible outcomes or roadblocks are all critical thinking skills that help me  pinpoint specific issues and be a more creative problem solver.  



Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts

Valdosta State University

Instructed in the methods of communication and expression, gained an understanding of the theories and practices of communication in various settings, and became skilled in analyzing and satisfying the communication needs of both organizations and individuals. 


Associate's degree in Digital Media Technologies

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Learned the core fundamentals of media production such as video and photo editing, shot framing, script writing, and camera operation. While enrolled I completed a video the Automotive Department used to secure a grant for new equipment.

Work History



Freelance Artist

Provided freelance video and photography services, as well as music production and voice-over work for several organizations in the community such as Habitat for Humanity, the Valdosta State FCA, Coldwell Banker, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College and Valdosta State University.


Media Production specialist

Georgia Print Co.

As the Media Producer for Georgia Print Co. my responsibilities included using photography and video to engage both employees and customers of the brand. I worked directly with the company owners to showcase information about the company, demonstrate the creation process from start to finish,  produce advertisements, voice overs, and promotional events for internal and external communications.

Video Portfolio

Photography Portfolio