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Work experience

Jan 2014Oct 2014


Ponderosa Steakhouse
  • Part time employee.
  • Prepared steaks to order while ensuring all food safety procedures were followed.
  • Organized food stored in the freezing according to state and federal guidelines.
  • Assigned a shelf life to everything that left the freezer to ensure that food was fresh.
  • Trained fellow employees in store and food safety procedures.
  • Unloaded truck and made sure products were rotated to maintain FIFO standards.
Nov 2013Sep 2014

Department Manager 

Sears Holding Corporation - Kmart
  • Full time employee.
  • Organized eye catching electronics displays in order to attract customers and capitalize on space.
  • Interacted with customers in a courteous and outgoing fashion, always checking to see if the customers wants and needs are satisfied.
  • Delegated departmental duties to employees working within my department to ensure that day to day activities were run efficiently and smoothly.
  • Unloaded shipments on truck day and pushed merchandise to the floor immediately.
  • Responsible for making sure merchandise that has not been released yet is locked up safely and accounted for daily.
Oct 2011Nov 2013

Shift Manager 

  • Supervised employees to ensure restaurant operations ran smoothly and efficiently.
  • Counted the safe and made bank deposits multiple times a day.
  • Scheduled employees shifts and maintained payroll.
  • Worked extensively with Microsoft Excel in order to track sales, customer count, and employees present during peak hours.
  • Preformed short term and long term maintenance duties on shifts that did not have a maintenance employee present.
  • Held weekly meetings with fellow managers, the store manager, and the store owner to discuss positive aspects of the business and what negative aspects could be corrected.
  • Provided outstanding customer service and took that extra step to give that "WOW experience".

Jun 2008Oct 2009

Crew Trainer 

  • Trained new employees in safely and efficiently executing  store procedures and food safety.
  • Led by example in providing exemplary customer service.
  • Handled cash transactions and receipts without error.
  • Calibrated grills daily and tested the internal temperatures of all products.
  • Preformed Routine maintenance on grills, freezers, and shake machines. 
  • Prepared food to order to ensure freshness.


Aug 2011Aug 2012

Business Administration 

Corning Community College

I was enrolled in the business administration program for two semesters at Corning Community College. I did not finish to receive my degree because I wished to change my major.

Sep 2006Jun 2010

Advanced regents degree with honors

Haverling High School

I attended Haverling High School and graduated with a GPA of 3.47. I received an advanced regents diploma with honors.



National Restaurant Association 
Expires in 2017


Lucas Yarka

(607) - 590 - 0989 Shift Manager at Mcdonalds in Bath, NY. I worked with Lucas on a daily basis while he worked for our store and dealt with him often after he transferred stores ( for transferring employees if we were short or food that was overstocked.)

Ethan Roberts

(607) - 368 - 2092 Assistant Manager at Mcdonalds in Bath, NY. I worked on Ethan's shifts often before becoming a manager. I was the first employee he called if the store was short.

Mary Woodruff

(585) - 593 - 4357 Store Manager at Mcdonalds in Wellsville, NY. I worked for Mary as a crew trainer before moving to Bath, NY

Janet Bockus

(607) - 776 - 4117 (ask for HR department) Janet Bockus was my Human Resources Supervisor at Kmart. I also worked with Janet at Mcdonalds in Bath, NY as a fellow shift manager. We have known each other for almost five years and likewise she has a great amount of knowledge of my work experience.

Kristine Tojonoski

(607) - 776 - 4381 Store Manger at Ponderosa. I worked part-time for Kristine at Ponderosa while working as a full-time department manager at Kmart.