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Born:  October 29, 1984, York, PA

Family: Wife- Lindsey Michelle Cover, born Lancaster, PA

              Married August 1, 2010

              Child- Jadon Mark Cover, born May 31, 2014

Interests: Reading, Beach Trips, Sports

Ministry Experience

Small Group Leader
October 2011-Present -Prepare Bible Study Weekly; Lead Bible Study and Discussion Weekly; Shepherd Group Members (caring for them in their sin and suffering)
Biblical Counselor
Perform Biblical counseling at Hope Counseling Center, an outreach ministry of North Wake Church (2011-Present); Administer biblical counseling at Converting Hearts Ministries, a local substance abuse/life dominating sin addictions ministry (May 2014-Present)
FEED Ministry
An outreach ministry of North Wake Church. Food Pantry to serve those in need in Wake Forest. (2012-2014) -Reached out to the visitors in need of food and hygiene products -Shared the Gospel of Jesus with them and continued to have Christ-centered conversations with them on weekly basis -Organized food drives
Care Team
Assisted Pastor of Outreach with meeting with those in financial need, sharing the Gospel of Jesus with them, and assisting them with finances (4 Months)


Work experience

Mar 2008Jul 2010


Weaver Eye Associates

Personal Statement

Though I had been baptized as a baby in a Lutheran church and spent the occasional Sunday in a church building (often Christmas and Easter), I had never understood who God is and what my relationship to Him was.  I did not know who Jesus was, and I had no idea of my need for Him.  As far as I was concerned, I was destined for heaven because I was a good person.  In October of 2005, everything began to change. While adversity struck my sophomore year of college, I began asking questions that led me to read the Bible that sat on my night stand for the past 21 years.  As I read God's Word, I began to desire and love the God that I had spent my life running away from.  My desires began to change drastically, and I couldn't stop talking about God to others.  I had totally fallen in love with God!  Though I do not remember a certain day or time during that October that I professed Christ as my Lord and Savior for the first time, I do  know for sure that this was the season that Jesus Christ became my Lord and Savior, that my sins were forgiven, and that I was reconciled to my Creator forevermore! After joining a local church, I received water baptism as a sign of the inward change that had taken place in me. My desire is to spend every day of my life giving God the worship He is due while making disciples and teaching them all that Jesus taught. I desire to do this by serving the church, the Bride of Christ, through the discipleship of His people. 


Dr. Sam Williams- Seminary Professor & Elder at North Wake Church

[email protected] (919) 761-2146